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Hide it inside


This is my blog and I begin with it, ’cause I love writting. My blog is not going to be very good, because I am not so good at Eanglish.

But, wathever I am hear now.

Name of my blog is Flower in a rainy day. You can ask me why. I tell you. My name means flower in one languige. In rainy day is because I love rain and storms. A lot of people hate rain, bu I think is beautiful. So hurry and wild but so peacefull to.

I am a teenage girl. I have a lot of friends and on first sight, I look like all other teenagers. But inside, I think I am not. You see, normal teenagers are spending their time with their phones, TV, movies, facebook, video games, selfies and so on… I am just not like that. I don’t watch TV very often. I don’t have facebook. I don’t play video games. My phone I so old…

When others are doing that, I am thinking. Thinking about life and world around me. I feel so alone in it. But maybe I am not. I am probaly not. Maybe every teen thinks like me and hide it inside. Maybe everyone thinks that they are alone in this, like me. Maybe I am not different. Maybe we are all the same.

I am sooo stupid because I want to think that I am something special. Something different. Like Chosen one. I think it, even if I know I am not. People often say to me, that I am special, that everyone are special. But that’s the same like nobady is special, right?

I so want people to think that I am talented and I hate it. I hate that I am so ambitious and greedy. That’s why I am hiding it. We live in world  that seems perfect outside, but inside, it isn’t. Inside it is ugly and dirty. Everyone are hiding their dark sides and don’t let them go outside.

And that is the wrong thing on this world, called Earth. People on it are afraid of being who they are. Each of them. Each of us.

Well, what do you think about all that?

xxx                                                                     -Flower in rainy day


5 thoughts on “Hide it inside

  1. Hye 🙂 Just dropping a comment to let you know that you’re not alone. I don’t watch TV, I don’t play video games, and I don’t have Facebook. I think all teenagers are the same, in different ways. We might feel lonely, but the reasons behind our loneliness are different. All of us are indeed special, in our own way 😉 Your strength might be someone else’s weakness, and your weakness might be someone else’s strength. That is we should always help each other and be humble, and hopefully by our little contribution to the world, the world will be a better place to live in.

    And yes, I do think most people hide themselves, their real selves to the world. They are afraid to be themselves. Maybe it’s because the damaged world we’re currently living in. There are trends everywhere, saying that girls should be like this, boys should be like that. Saying that skinny girls with flawless skin are beautiful, while the opposite aren’t.

    That is terribly wrong in every aspects, in my opinion.

    We should embrace ourselves for who we are, for HOW we are. Just because someone thinks being skinny is beautiful, doesn’t mean having flesh here and there isn’t beautiful. Just because someone has a hidden talent of writing a poet, doesn’t mean that person is weird or whatnots. We should really embrace our talents and not hiding it from the world.

    But that’s how the world is today; so freaking messed up. At the end, what’s important is we know where we stand, we know who we are. What others are saying don’t matter.

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      1. It’s my pleasure 😉 I love reading people’s view on something. Do you have any interesting blogs you want to recommend to me? I would love to read more personal blogs from fellow bloggers, it’s just a little bit hard to find one that attracts my attention.

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  2. yes, I follow some great bloggers with unique view on life.
    -My Irrelevant thoughts
    -A little dreamer
    -Dairy of a lonley girl
    -My life
    I am kinda new blogger, but I already wrote three posts and in future I am gonna write even more about my life…
    Thank you for following me!
    Hope I help you;)


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