Rebel thoughts

Letter to Alien

Dear Alien!

If you are looking for a planet to visit, please, for your own good, don’t choose Earth! I know, Earth can be beautiful, but, belive me, it is just a bad planet.

It’s not the world stupid. It’s people on it who are stupid. Why? Easy to answer.

Wars. It started in stone age, when people from one tribe start to attaking people from the other tribes. Then, there are ancient Greece wars. Than wars in Roman empire so on…In 20.century, when you expect some smart and wise world leaders, you are gonna be suprised, ’cause here are two deadly world wars!

But even now, in 21.century is not even a little better. There are bombing attacks in beautiful city Paris.

Also, there are a thousends of migrants coming to Europe every day! But, that’s OK, by me. You know, those people are from places where is no peace, just war. They are running to save their lives. they are running to survive.

Just think about Malala Yousafzai. A 15- years old girl was shoot, shoot in her head only because she dared to speak her mind.

On Earth people are tortured,  exploitabled and murdered each day, each hour, each minute. You just can’t belive what kind of a hell it is. The worst one. You will probaly not belive, but very often, kind of always are hurt or killed people who didn’t done anything. People who are innocent

And also, lots of people are for wars blaming things, that are sometimes not even connect with them. Good example is religion.

Now you know, that people are stupid. They want peace, but also they want to bring it with fighting and violence. I am part of this ‘civilization’ if I want that, or not. Don’t understand me wrong. I am not evil. one of my biggest wish is world peace. And there are a lot of other human beings, that are no evil and that stupid. But enough is one stupid person to throw shadow on everyone.

But we can resist to that in a peaceful way. I am doing that right now, when i am writting this letter.                                                                                                                                                                               

We can resist. We can fight peacefully. With all kinds of art, for example. And bravery. And frienships. And love. And all beautiful on this world. All we care about we can stab in back of war in peaceful way. And if we do it, if we all do it, we win.But ’cause we didn’t won yet, don’t come on Earth, dear Alien. I will wrote to you again when wars will be the past(If they are ever gonna be the past).

Best regards from hell called Earth,

-Flower in rainy day

P.S: Oh, I forgot, there are a lot of hungry children on earth too and a lot of exploitable women too., and also pollute air and destroy forests.


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