Deep thoughts

Rebel inside


Some my friends would say, that I am very kind, patient and peaceful. But that’s only because they don’t know me at all. You know, When everyone are starting to fight, I ace as a peacekeeper. I don’t really know why. Maybe ’cause I don’t want people to b angry and sad. Maybe just because I am afraid of fights.

am afraid of fights. That’s why everyone think I am peaceful. Inside I am a rebel and fighter, but I am afraid to show it. Why? I tell you story.

It was long time ago, when I was just a child. My first years in school were for me a true horror. Guess why? I was lonley. I didn’t have any friends. Not because I was unfriendly or something like that. I was just different. I didn’t played with dolls, but whit dinosaurs. My favourite color wasn’t pink, but red. That’s why they didn’t like me. ‘Cause I wasn’t a robot. I dared to be different. I was bullied too.

That was very long ago, but I remember those years like they were yesterday… Later, I found friends, but scars from that beacamed part of me. I didn’t know that, but over the time I realize…

Why am I with my family sometimes so agresive an angry? And why I never fight with my friends? You know, I can be angry on my family, but I know those fights will not left consequences. I know my family will love me and never leave me, no matter what. But I am afraid that my friends would live me.

But now I think, that after all those years I am finally leaving that fear behind. I think, that shadows are going to desapear. I know that my friends will not leave me, no matter what, like family. I know, the will not.

Fire is rising inside me and I am gonna show it, ’cause that’s who I really am.

A rebel.

A fighter.

-Flower in rainy day



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