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Hope-light or dark?

Hello everyone!

Thank you, first three followers! I am so happy!

I am a very optimistic person, I belive everything is possible. But in the past, I was expecting to much. I belived, that I can win. But I failed…And it hurts sooo much, when you disappointment yourself.

When we are disappointment we think that everything is lost. But that’s don’t need to be true. It’s on us to choose.

Expection is a complicated mix of hope and craving. More we wish sucess, we feel more expection, even if we’re trying to let it go. It is hiding somewhere deep in our mind…


This picture is a good example. We are climbing on ladder without end…

I’m not sayin’, that you can’t wish something. I am just saying, that your dreams and wishes have to be  feasible. ‘Cause if they are not, you are gonna feel disappointment.

That is dark side of hope.

But hope is a good thing too. What will people without hope survive? People do need hope. We need hope to be good in school. If we in begining say:”Oh, I’m gonna get F!”, than we are gonna get F. But if we belive in A, than we can get A. Also, people that are in pain or feel depressed need hope. Hope for things will turn on better.

I am repeating: Hope is positive thing as long it don’t turns in expection.


-Flower in rainy day


2 thoughts on “Hope-light or dark?

  1. So true. Make goals, not expectations. And the most important thing is to believe in ourselves. I personally believe that by believing in ourselves to do something, telling ourselves that we CAN do it, we are already one step closer to success 🙂

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