Deep thoughts

After death

Hi everyone!!!

There are a lot of a different religions on this world, but I am atheist. I don’t have anything toward religion, I was just grown without it.

But I somehow have my own religion. I think that there is something after life. But whit that I don’t mean afterlife. Sorry to everyone who do belive in afterlife, but I don’t. Different people belive in different things and it’s nothing wrong whit that.

I belive, that people after death change in different values, their personality had or in talents, witch made them special. Those things after their death become values and talents of next generatons… And, somehow we live forever. Good things in us can’t be gone or forgot, they just live in other people. And as long people will exist, those parts of us will exist too.

Don’t judge me, that’s only what I think. What I belive.

Well what religion are you folks? đŸ˜€


-Flower in rainy day


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