Peaces from my life...

When I sing

Hello world!

If I look back in my past, there was always singing. When I learned how to talk, I learned how to sing too. I remember how I was standing on staircase of our flat(we were living in block when I was small) an singing. Than a lot of old women, our neighbors come from their flats and start giving me chocolate… 🙂

That probaly seemed very cute and funny, so memories about singing on staircase are some of my happiest memories… When I was in first class, I was singing all the time, so I joined chorus for kids in our school.

Even now, eight years later I am sill in chorus(for teens). I don’t remember a day when I don’t sing. No matter where I am, what time it is, I can sing.

I really, really love singing. I sometimes sing and don’t even know, that I am singing. When I sing, I don’t care for the things around me. It’s only me, myself, I and the song that I am singing. I don’t see anything around me anymore. I just let everything from inside go whit my voice…. When I am singing I am so free, so peaceful. There is no worry, fear or sadness anymore. This year I was singing solo Do, re, mi from The sound of music. I remember that before I began to sing I was a little scared and nervous, but at once I began, I just let everything go…

For me, something most beautiful is to sit on my bed and start singing and playing my gitar… It brought me happines. Is a good way to express your feelings.

Well, who else likes to sing around here? 🙂

Comments are welcome!

-Flower in rainy day


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