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Friend, lost in time

Hi folks!!!!!!! šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚ šŸ˜€

Before I started with school, I had one very good friend. Let’s say that he’s called Johann. We know each other since we were born. We were playing every day. I remember how we were building lego blocks. I remember how we were climbing on the trees. How we made igloo, every winter. All our laughs, words, smiles…I remember it.

The time has past and we were growing. And this is when the problem begin. As older as we were, more far away we were. We came to crossroad. And I choosed on road, and he another… We didn’t fought. We just…ace like we don’t know each other, even if I don’t know why. Johann and me still sometimes talk, but it’s just not like it was, ok?

Don’t understand me wrong, don’t love Johann an I am not crush on him.(I have a boyfriend and I do love him, but about Nick, as I am gonna call him next time.) I just hard to live someone that was always by your side, you know. Should I just let him go? Should I forget? We are in the same class, but when school is gonna end we will truly go away and forget each other. If I say now, that I am never gonna forget on him, I would lie. I know that I am gonna forget him. Over ten years he is just not going to be important to me.

I am sometimes wondering, if Johann miss our friendship to? Or he allready forgot? I can’t know that. Today that hurts, but over the years it will not anymore. Please, don’t say to me, that I have to try to recover our friendship, ’cause I am not.

Sometimes you know that is too late, even if is hard.

Sometimes you have to let everything go.

-Flower in rainy day


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