Peaces from my life...


Hello folks!!!!!! 😀 🙂 ❤

Before I go skiing here is another post… 😉

I remember the times when people said that I am stupid. I remember the times when people say to me that I am dumb, only because I am not so good in Maths and I am thinking a little slower than my peers and I don’t always understand things in the way others do. I am a little dislextic. I can write and read normally(as you can see, I hope), but I always forget witch is right and witch left, I have problems whit locking and doors(siriusly, how do you remember in witch side you have to turn key???), and so on………. I ace like this words don’t hurt me, but in true they did. I felt like on my head is caption: ‘Warning: Be cerfeul, loser here! Those words are still in my life(a lot of less than before), but they don’t hurt me so much.

Did you ever wanted to be The Chosen one? Well, I do. Even if is wrong, I so, so, so, so want to be. I just can’t help myself. I am ambitios enof to want do something BIG. Something that will never be forgot. Something that will people remember.


If you reed The fault in our stars than you know what was Augustus Waters’s biggest fear. Oblivion. I am not proud on that, but I can’t help myself to be afraid of it too. I don’t want people to forgot on me after my death. I know it’s stupid, stupid, stupid, but that’s who I am. As I say before I am not perfect. I’m not gonna write that I don’t wanna be perfect. I want to be good in everything I do. I can’t change it.

I done some big mistakes in my life. I was kind of depressed and it was my fault. I was hiding from my fears and problems. I am sometimes angry very fast. I am sometimes sad ’cause of little things. I am to full of expection.

As you  can see, I am full of mistakes, ’cause i am just a normal human being, not a God. But I learn to accept myself. All my wins, weakness, fear, happyness, flaws, wildness and mistakes, everything, everything is part of me if I want that or not.

I am proud for be part of my family. I am proud for having friends. I am proud ’cause of this blog and ’cause I am optimist. And I am so, so, so proud because I deal whit my problems from the past and I am not afraid of them anymore.

I am proud on myself.

❤ ❤ ❤ I am gonna miss you guys 😦

Bye, bye 😀

-Flower in rainy day


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