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Unnecessary differences

Hello folks!!! 😀 ❤

You can’t belive what happened!!! I get A in Maths!!!!! I am soooooo happy;D

Yesterday, we go whit school in cinema. We watched film Mustang. It’s about teen girls, who were disadvantaged for freedom. Click here if you wanna see trailer! Movie is very informative, great, sad, but happy to. I recommend it to everyone, ’cause it does really teach us a lot.

Today we had Eanglish and we were talking about movie whit our teacher. I think is just impossible to tell how unfear was history and it is realitty for women. Just look at Malala. This girl was only 15 years old when  she was shooted in her face, only because she wanted to go to school. Only ’cause she wanted education. Only ’cause she dared to do what she taught is right. A lot of women were AND STILL ARE tortured,  hurt, mutilated, starved and killed. We were punished. Why? ‘Cause we dared to be born as a women. ‘Cause we aren’t men.

This is sick.

Both, women and men were studying very hard and they became doctors. They all did their best. But why do women get less money? Oh, that’s easy to answer! They are women not men.

The same is whit this two football players. Did woman on pic trained less than man to become good? No. She just is woman, that’s why.

As i said we were talking about that today in school. And you know what? Girls from our class talked and listened, ’cause we really think that is important. Boys? No way. They were talking about I don’t know what(and in true, I don’t even wanna know), they were smiling and laughing and l I think only few knew what are we talking about.

And this is sick too.

How could they? I mean, how? How can they be so selfish, so stupid, so………………….. Really, is everything they care about their ugly butts???? You can’t belive how angry I was. If my sight could kill, half of my class would be dead by now.

I’m not sayn’ that all boys and man are like that, I know they are not. This is only a good example how bad people can be.


Oooh, stupid, stupid, stupid world.

-Flower in rainy day


3 thoughts on “Unnecessary differences

  1. After all this is life, but the reason why those bad people exist is because there are great people who will fight against them. I do love this post! Might watch the movie, in a country like Mexico it would have a big impact.

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