Peaces from my life...


Hello guys!!! 😀 ❤

Do everyone knows Avatar: The last airbender or the legend of Korra? I am totally crazy about it! ;D Well, if you know it, than you probaly wonder witch of the Four Elements are you. I did to. I asked my friends. I took thousends of quizzes. But the answer was usually the same.

Fire. They always say that I am Fire.

There are a lot of reasons why. At first, you have to know that I play whit fire a lot of times. Maybe to much. Ok, I confess, to much. I sometimes do things I in true don’t need to. I am kinda risky. I love doing impossible things. One day I started jumping over the stairs. By now, I can jump over eight stairs. If I fall? I broke my leg. Or back. But I am still doing it. I don’t really know why. I think is because I always have to have a game. And ’cause I think is fun to risk. Even if is not. I can’t help myself, but I do enjoy it.

One year ago, when Amber had birthday… She lives near forest. We went into it. Somewhere in that forest, there was creepy, scary, old, little house. Totally quiet and in totall darkness. And guess who dared to went in? Yup, me. But this is not bravery. This is sense for adventure. And yes, I am reckless to (afcourse not in this example, I don’t really belive in ghosts, deamons and that things). One day went in school’s basement. It was dark and (afcourse) it was prohibited. I felt so great ’cause I dared to go over even if it was dark and ’cause I dared to broke the rules. Yes, on this world are two types of people: People who first think and than do and people who first do and than think. I shurly belong to last group.

Like you can see in some my blogs, i am a bit of rebel. If I think something is not right, I would stand up and tell it. I am little agressive to. If is someone mean to me I am not just quiet. When I was ten years old, one guy from my class throw my puding on the ground (Deliberately afcourse). My delicious, lovely, sweet, chocolate pudding. What did I done after that. I punched him. Right. In. His. Mean. Ugly. Face. I am not saying it was right. But this is how it was.

The last thing. People say, that I have flames in my eyes. When I am angry. When I am really sad or happy. When I expect something. When I have some strong emotion inside me. my friends told me, that when i fight on judo competition, they are a little afraid of me. they say that sometimes, when they look me in the eyes, they think that I would kill them whit sight. ‘Cause there is so much anger in my eyes. So much fire.

I can be kind, sweet and lovely. I am. But I can burn to.

-Flower in rainy day


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