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You are a Superhero

Hey my folks! 🙂

One of my biggest fears. Oblivion. I am afraid of it and I think I can’t change it. I am afraid of being forget. I am afraid that people will not remember me after my death. Ohh, that’s so stupid. Of course they will forget on me. After all, everyone will die one day. And than… I am gonna be nothing. Nothing.

What the hell nothing even is? Something that doesn’t exist. But years ago, I didn’t exist to, right? And how is possible that over the years I am gonna be nothing again? I don’t understand it. I think no one do. Old proverb says: You are powder and to powder you return. How can you be nothing, than something and than again nothing?

I am sometimes looking up to stars and talking to them: “Why do you all exist? Why do I exist? And they don’t never answer(I didn’t expect that they will, but still..). They are only sparkling ans shining and blinking, like they do know something. Like they do know something, but they don’t wanna tell it.

Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Percy Jackson, Trish Piror, Avatar Aang, Avatar Korra…. They were all The Chosen ones. They were all so awsome, cool and good in many things, ’cause they were The Chosen ones. And(‘course) I want to be The Chose one to. I want to be like them, I can’t contest that. This how it is.

But sometimes, when I am totally by myself, totally alone and I am thinking… In know that The chosen ones weren’t perfect. Never. But they were awsome, cool and good in many things. But not only ’cause of that. They were all that because they were who they were. They still did mistakes and flaws, ’cause inside they were like all others.

And the truth is that i can be The chosen one. And I am Superhero. I am Superhero, ’cause i am proud on myself and I am happy whit who I am. And i think everyone who are proud on their selves are superheros.

-Flower in Rainy day


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