Peaces from my life...

Me, purple sheep

Good morning folks! 🙂

When i was just a little kid, my only true friend was Johann. Girls just didn’t like me. Why? ‘Cause I wasn’t like them. When they wee playing whit barbie, I was playing whit dinosaurs. They all had long hear, only mine was short. They all loved pink, but my favorite color was(and still is) red. They were so annoyng and mean to me. Only because I was a little different. I was sometimes sad because of that, but I was still, somehow…Proud. On myself. ‘Cause I knew that they are all the same and I am something special.

I am still, uhh, a little different than others my age. I something have feeling that a lot of teens(not all you afcourse) are just blind for everything around them. When we have art in school, some of my schoolmates look at my pictures and than i can see how confused it make them. They just don’t understand.(I am planning to share some my artworks whit you, even if they are not sooooo good, i don’t care 😉 ) I am not sayin’ that they are all stupid, ’cause of that. This is just one moment that makes me feel different.

You know that i am rain lover. Sometimes when is raining outside and I say:’What a beautiful day!’, people look at me like i am crazy. I always go for a walk when it is raining. When there is storm outside i feel so happy and so inspired. Thank God, spring is coming and spring always brought a lot of rain!!! 😀 ❤ Ok, I know i’m crazy…

Let’s say we got maths example here: 3436425:(-352635). The firs thing I saw here is sad smiley:( I always combinate my clothes in strange way, but it still looks fashionable and cool. I really have my own style and people normally like it.

An also I can tell you EVERYTHING about Harry Potter, Star wars and Avatar: The last air bender and the legend of Korra. Warning: Ananya, Summer, Tina, Tris, Samanta and my other friends nearly died ’cause of that, so be cerfeul while asking me something about it! 😉

Now you know some of many strange things about me. Because of them I feel special and unique. ‘Cause f them I am not a robot. And what makes you special?

And, the last thing: People often call their selves ‘Black sheeps’, ’cause they feel different. I think that’s stupid. Why ‘Black sheep’? There are a lot of black an white sheeps on Earth. That’s why my mark for differnce is ‘Purple sheep’.


-Flower in rainy day


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