Peaces from my life...


Hello world!!!! ❤ 😀

Sorry, ’cause I wasn’t here yesterday, but I was on National Championship of judo. I have to tell you that…….

It was great. Just great.

It was the best competition in last times. After some past competitions I wrote about here I always felt a little disappointment. Not, because of result. I just didn’t fight like I wanted to. But yesterday it was different. I left behind everything. All hopes, expectaions, voices from inside, telling me that I am bad…. You know, every time, while fighting i past months, I always felt like I am bad. Like i am weak and I can’t do anything. But that just wasn’t true. I knew that, but there is a difference between knowing and believing.

But not this time. My head was empty, clean of all thoughts. I was confident, brave and strong. And consequently, I was good. In the end I was on the third and I am very happy whit it. 😀

And it wasn’t luck. it wasn’t a good day. It was me, all of me. The best of me. And finally it was like in old times. Before everything.

I am soooooooooo happy, because I won not only over other girls(ok, I lost one fight, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t fight good), but over voices inside me to. I actually fight whit myself to.

I just want you to know that, ’cause I think that woulden’t happened whitout this blog. Because of you and ‘Flower in rainy day’ I can say finally.

-Flower in rainy day



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