Peaces from my life...


Hi everyone!

I changed a logo of my blog, now it is ‘It’s all about letting go.’ For me, that is really true, last times. While writing this blog, a lot of things changed. ‘Cause I let them go.

At first, i think that in last month, my Eanglish got better. I am more confident while writing blog. Also there is another, good thing that is new for me. You, know, i’m kinda aggresive and I can get angry hurry. I am sometimes in bad mood and than I start yelling at people i love the most. But last weeks, I am different. I am learning how to control myself, when I am in bad mood or angry. I am very happy for that, ’cause I am a little better ‘Flower in rainy day’ now 🙂 .

For my birthday, I got smart phone. I didn’t have it before, so that’s kinda new for me… ;D

As you know, today I broke up whit Nick. It was a sock for both, but I think that I did right thing. It’s good for both and i somehow… Feel more free. And now, I finnaly know that I am brave. I am brave. A lot of people said that I am brave, but I always taught that they are sayin’ this only ’cause they want me feel good. But now i know I am brave. I was brave enough to tell nick that is over. It was hard, but I did it. I felt pain, but now I am happier.

In my life, there were a lot of changes last times, but i am taking them as positive. And because of all that i don’t only feel braver and more confident, but wiser to.

And it’s raining outside and I fell brand new and I am happy. 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

-Flower in rainy day


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