Peaces from my life...


Hello, my friends! ❤

When my phone started to ring this morning and i opened my eyes, I felt like a totally different person. I still heard the rain, falling on the roof and I saw light of the awaking day, but it felt it…Different. It just wasn’t like all other mornings. For ten minutes, I was just lying in my bed and thinking about everything, everything, everything.

While walking in school, my feet were somehow more on the ground. I felt tougher and stronger than other days. I remember when I taught that i am gonna fly to the sky, somewhere in the universe, ’cause I am nothing. But I am not nothing, but something.

And today… It was just a great day. Ok, the day was normal. I was the one one who made this day good. ’cause life is isn’t for waittng things in it to get better. It’s you, you are making changes in your life. Yer not a robot. You are yourself.

I am not gonna say that it’s easy one day after brake up whit Nick. It’s hard, that’s the fact. He understands and we are still friends. Today, he brought me a birthday gift. When I opened it at home, I smelled him. And I knew that he touched that gift and that i am holding it and that he is so near, but so far…Even if it hurts now, I know that I made right decision. I just know.

Yesterday, a lot of people said to me, that i don’t need to be sorry and they are all right. But whatever I do, even if I try, I know that I am sorry and I will not change it. When i saw sadness in Nick’s eyes I felt sorry for him, ’cause he don’t deserves it. Even if I know I shulden’t be sorry I am. This is who I am and how I feel, if I want that or not. Also, I just wanna thank Elm for support yesterday. Thank you again 😉 .

I am a blogger and(‘course 🙂 ) I love writing. It started in third class, when my teacher say to me that I am talented. And then I thought:’Ughhh, am I? And I belived I am. And I am. That sounds complacently and it is. But this is my blog and here I tell everything inside me. That’s 100% me. I am complacently, but I think everybody is, some of us are just trying to hide it. Here I am totally honest and here I am, telling you that I am not perfect, but I do know who I am.

Our talents can be good, but sometimes, they make us fail. This is how it was whit me. You know, i was writing a book. And it was good. But after what happened, I stopped. I couldn’t write this story, great story anymore. I had that feeling, that i am expecting something from this book, but in the end, i am gonna stay disappointment. I always lived in a shadow of Tina. That’s why I gave up. But today, I’ll start again. I am strong enough to return to fallen dreams.

I felt. My dreams felt. But I’m coming back. ‘Cause I am not a shadow. I am not nothing. I am something.

-Flower in rainy day


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