Deep thoughts

Just dreaming around…

Hi, my dearest friends!!! ❤

At first, I have to say ‘Thank you’ for all beautiful comments on my post ‘Crazy art’. Thanksssssss!!!!! 😀

Today I am gonna talk about my goals, wishes and dreams. It’s not so hard to dream. It’s hard to make your dreams happen true. We sometimes dream about things, that can’t really happen. I train judo and I know so many folks who want to win Olympic games. Some of them will. But not all. Our dreams can be so close, so near, but in a second, they can go a milion miles away.

But in true, will limits stop us? Can anything disable us to dream? Nope.

I know that people can’t fly, but I am still dreaming about it. It would be amazing to go to school, whitout touchung the ground, right? It would be amazing to fly to the sky, like a bird. Or maybe….This dog? 😉

My dreams are to write a book. Slowly, I am making it happen true. And I am not gonna give up. I am gonna finnish it. Writing is something I want to do in future to. This is a choice.

Also, I want to make earth better place for next generations. I wanna make peace. here, i am wishing the impossible. The thing is that human beings became soooo smart, inteligent and we have so good tehnology… But after everything we done, we sill fight whit each other? We don’t even ace better than in Stone age. We are humans, whit tones of mistakes and this is why we will always fight. This is how it was and this is how it will be, I think. But still, I can’t stop wishing…

There is another impossible thing I wish. I want to be a Jedi. I wanna go to Hogwarts. I wanna be a Half-Blood(half God, from Percy Jackson). I wanna be the Avatar. I want to do magic, I want to use the Force… I want to be the Chosen one. But I’m not. I am never gonna be.

This are some of my deepest dreams and I hope that I am gonna make the first one came true… I will!

❤ ❤ ❤

-Flower in rainy day


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