Deep thoughts

True magic

Hola my friends… ❤

Today, while walking from my judo training something beautiful happened… In true it was nothing. But it was still great feeling. So, I was walking trough the city. It was beautiful sunset and everyone were just looking in the ground, not talking, just walking, full of worry and sterss… And this is when I asked  myself why? I don’t get it, even if I try… You know, I am training and studying hard, I am playing gitare, singing in chorus and I am in drama club, but I still find time to enjoy beauty around me. I still know how.

Everyone just go around to one place to another, hurrying, ’cause of time. The time can make us worry. Also, it can be useful. But no matter how we look on it, time doesn’t exist. it’s just not the real thing.

They all went the same way, but I find a beautiful, green little road full of first flowers. It was smelling so magical, grass was tickling my legs and wind was here, in my hair, hands, my smile… It was everywhere, it was inside me. And I was just standing there, full of all this beauty, feeling like I’m gonna fly to the sky and I didn’t want to go no on left, not on right, everything I want was to stay there forever.

So that’s the only thing on my mind today I am tired and today I was even more dreamy than other days…. 🙂

And don’t EVER forget that for magic, you don’t need to go to Hogwarts and you don’t need to have a magical stick. Magic everywhere around you, you just gotta see it.

❤ ❤ ❤

-Flower in rainy day




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