Deep thoughts


Hi everyone!!!

Listen up, that’s important….

Name of my blog is ‘Flower in rainy day’ and I like it. 🙂 What I wanna tell you is that I changed my blog name.  You know, I always signed myself as ‘Flower in rainy day’, but now I decided, that I am gonna be Tara.

Tara. Why Tara? That’s long story… Sorry, I am not gonna tell you everything, ’cause it’s a secret. Someone, my friend, was writing a blog about me. And he-she named me Tara. It was on our, Slovenian page for blogs and I knew all the time who is writing and that’s about me. When I asked this person if is he-she writing ’bout me, he-she laughed and told me that that’s not true. But I knew the truth…

And one day, he-she, finally told. The truth. The truth I knew for long time. And he-she said to me:’I am sorry. I am sorry ’cause i was writing ’bout you. I told the world about your problems….'(and so on…) But that doesn’t made me angry. I was happy. Why? I discrovered that I really am important for he-she. That he.she really cares….

That’s why I am Tara now.

The meaning of the name Tara: Tower, Hillside

The origin of the name Tara: Irish

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S: Sorry for he-she 😀



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