Deep thoughts


Hi everyone… ❤

Sometimes think  very…Crazy. How can we stand here, on Earth? I know, I KNOW, we have gravitation. But if we don’t look on that from science way…

As i said we have 3 days off in Slovenia. One day and half past. And i feel so stressful about it. Like is something gonna be wrong… I feel lazy, i don’t wanna do kind of anything, but I know that I have to study and study and study and study and study……………. I reed a book when main character says:’Time is helpful but it doesn’t exist.’ Time really doesn’t exist, we made it. But helpful…. Not for me, sorry. Time is going just fast. There are so many things I wanna do, but I don’t have time to…And I so hate that. I wish to have a power to stop time sometimes. To relax whit out all this worry and stress… We sometimes have to done to heavy things. All of us…

Do you sometimes have that felling, that yer gonna fall to the center of Earth? When sometihing very bad happens to you? I know that feeling. I remember things that made me scared out of my mind. I remember mess in my head. I remember when I was in my panic attack mood and I was so angry and sad and i wanted to scream and scream, but O wanted to calm too and i wish to disapeae from the world…

But I am not gonna only pity myself in that post. I sometimes feel like I am gonna fly away. To the… Sky? Universe? Hogwarts? Magical land? This are my moments when I am so light, so happy and amazed… This was when I came together whit Nick. When I stared whit blogging and get my first follower. When I win at judo competition. This moments always make me strong. Make me feel like there is nothing I can’t do. Like there are no limits.

we all do bad and good things. We all fall and get back. We are all sad and happy. We are all human beings, That’s why I feel conect whit everyone. Whit each of us.

Yeah, just thinking crazy…



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