Bad mood

I just want to help…

Hello guys!!!<3

Today, I am not gonna write about me and my problems. I am gonna write about someone else problems…

In my class there is one girl that I am gonna call Lucy. We don’t fight or something, we just aren’t friends. We are just to different. OK, I am in group of ‘Smart girls’ in school, because I have good grades. She is more, hm… In group of ‘Bad girls’???? Yeah, I think so. She doesn’t have good grades and all the time she is running around boys and so on…-_- But that’s not why I wanna talk about her today. The thing is that…..


She is cutting herself.

A lot of people from our class know that. But we don’t do anything. And I want to help her, but I just don’t know how. The thing is that that happened last year too. And we and our teacher helped her. But when I was in Germany, it happened again. Ananya told me that she saw fresh wounds on her legs… Straight wounds. Wounds that aren’t there because of an accident….

And I feel so sorry for her. I feel sorry, because of her pain. Her fake smiles. Her never-told story. I didn’t ever cut myself. I was stronger than that. I wanna help her, because I know how is to feel pain. I know how is to be afraid of yourself and world around you. I do understand how is to feel worthless. I passed that. That’s why I wanna help people like I was in the past. This is one of the reasons for writing a blog. I wanna help people. But I don’t know how to help her.

I know, a lot of people think that she’s mean, pretentious, selfish and on, but that matter? I am not saying that she is all that. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, I don’t know her enough to say that. But even if she is, that doesn’t change anything. She deserves help. Everyone in pain deserves help.

Do you guys know any people who were cutting their selves? How did you helped them, can you give me any advice? Thanks for all ❤

Love ya,



10 thoughts on “I just want to help…

  1. I think it shows true kindness that you’re concerned. She might feel uncomfortable talking to you directly so I would contact your teacher etc who could organise some counselling for her. You could do this by writing a letter, that might help you be more concise in what you want to say. I think it’s fantastic that you’ve taken an interest in helping her x

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  2. It is really hard to help them, specially if you haven’t passed through that. What you can do is making her day happy, try to say something funny randomly, and make sure she notices it. It’s harder since you aren’t friends with her, but I think it works. Or do what Alex said, write a letter, that is a good idea

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  3. Hi Tara. I’ve been there. Mine was because frustration, loneliness and I keep it to myself. I do look happy when I’m at school or outside but whenever I am alone. It’s to unbearable. What am I lacking at that time is to trust other.. Not much from me but I hope will help you a bit.

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