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What I hate the most

Hola folks!!! ❀

I remember when I was in third class at school and we were running. Than me and Tina accidently somehow ‘crashed’. Afcourse it was my fault in the end, because Tina was little 8 years old genius and I was just a ‘wild child’. Teacher started to jell at me saying that I wanted to push her on the ground to win and so on… And I started to jell back at her, because what she was saying just wasn’t true. She was standing there, saying that I am naughty, selfish and mean. It was just an accident. Nothing happened to me or Tina. But teacher jelled at me. Only because I was who I was. Only because I was Tara not Tina. It’s very long ago, but is still remember that very well, maybe I will never forget.

When I was a kid, I was kinda wild. Not naughty, just wild. I didn’t ever done someting agaings the rules, but teahers just hated me.

Why? I had ‘bad handwriting’. I didn’t remembered where is left and where is right(and I still have problems whit that:P). I had problems whit multipulacion, because my brains just weren’t so hurry than brains of other kids. It wasn’t my fault. But they didn’t care. They didn’t read my stories that we had for homework even if those stories were full of fantasy of young child and imaginatively ideas. They just crossed my stories whit red pencil and say that they will not read it, because they don’t like my handwriting… They said that I am gonna have bad grades. They were yelling at me and made me think that I am stupid, that I am bad, slow, dumb, unnecessary…..

But than….BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have very good grades. I am good at sports. I am going on debate competition to Bangkok. And at last, I am a blogger. They always hated what I wrote.Β  But now i am here, writing everyday. In school ALL my files are 100%. All. Hhahahahaha, they were so wrong about who I am and who I will be.

At first I was just angry and mad at them. Than I was sad. But now, I just hate them.

As you know I can get angry hurry, but there are thing I actually get mad for in just a second. Uhhhh, what that is??? Excactly what Percy Jackson said:‘Thing I hate the most are people who lie about me.’ And it’s the same whit me.

In past I was actually afraid what people thin about me, so I hated everyone who were thinking about me in bad way. But today I am not afraid anymore. But I can’t help myself, I still hate when people are saying bad things about me. I don’t care what they think. I hate if they say it. If is true, than ok. But If is a lie…. Normally people aren’t lying about me, because they don’t really dare, because they know how it is when I am angry. I think that I will always hate ones who lie about me. It hurt me when I was just a little girl and I will never forget that.

I was just wondering folks….What do YOU hate the most?

P.S:I changed my theme of my blog again(sorry), check it and tell me what you think!!! πŸ˜‰

Love ya all ❀



12 thoughts on “What I hate the most

  1. Well, that’s pretty long story!!!! ;D
    When I was creating my blog I wanted to have link ‘flowerinrainyday’ or something like that, but(I did something wrong, probably) somehow word press said:’this link is not ok’ or something like that. I tried million times to enter ‘normal’ link, but it didn’t worked. I got so angry that I just start typing something…. I didn’t every wanted to have so many Ds, but Word press accepted this link and so I have it now.XD

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  2. I love the theme! Also, that was very mean of your teachers to call you dumb. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; no one is good at everything!

    You are very intelligent and you have a talent for writing! Keep up the good work and never let others bully you!
    x, Kate Gold.


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