My top 7 heroes!!!

Hello my folks!!! πŸ˜€ ❀

Sooo, I have an idea! I’ll write about my favourite heroines from books and movies tomorrow and about my favourite heroes today!!!! Hope you will enjoy… πŸ˜‰

7.Peeta Mellark(Hunger games)

Peeta is one of my favourite characters from Hunger games. He’s very friendly and kind to everyone. He is very smart and great speaker and his words always have big impact on all people. Also, he’s amazing drawer and cooker and he never plays on revenge.



I don’t really like divergent movies, I more like books! On picture is only a drawing of Uriah. So, he is very brave person, but still friendly and funny. He was Divergent. I like him, because he is always telling jokes, no matter in what situation he is.


5.Luke Skywalker(Star wars)

Ok, Luke is kind of person who do something first and than thinks. All he actually wants it’s good adventure.(Do I need to say that he’s brave???) He will do anything for his friends, no matter what that takes. Also, he is very strong, he knows in what he blieves.


4.Harry Potter

What do I even need to say?? He is brave, smart, loyal and very good person who will always stay selfless and will help others, no matter how famous he gets. I survived in his mind for three times, guess he’s not such a bad person, right?


3.Percy Jackson

Percy is toooooooooo brave. He has his own, unique and funny look on the world and while you reading book about his story you sometimes die because of laugh, sometimes scream, because he’s so stupid, sometimes crying and sometimes just smiling…. Yeah, I am in the middle of Percy Jackson series right now and I am totally into it!!!!


2.Todd Hewitt(The Chaos walking)

Chaos walking triology is amazing, but not so famous. The main character, Todd Hewitt is on second place of my list. This boy always believed that there is hope on the end of the road.Β  He had very hard times, because the only one left who loved him was taken away and Todd felt so lonley and lost, but he didn’t give up. Another amazing fact about him: He couldn’t ever kill anyone. Even if he could save himself. Never.


And number one is……………….


….Aang!!!(Avatar:The last airbender)

Aang is the avatar the bridge between spirits and humans. He is just a kid, but he was strong enough to save the world. He is funny and he has optimistic look on world even if dark times. Also, he is brave and wise and he always know what’s right and what’s wrong.


So, folks… What heroes do YOU like the most? Which of those do you like the most? Tell me!!!

Bye, bye ❀



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