Uhhh, love

Please, just say that everything is okay

Hi guys.

I just wanted to tell you that…that I am so tankful. For everything. Everything you said. And for what you became in my heart. Thank you.

So that’s why I want you to now now that…….that I am crying. Right now. In this moment.Wanna know why….?

I listened to this song. And I was listening and reading lyrics. And so…. I remember when I was listening to that every day. every day. Not because I really liked that song, more because it reminded me…on…Nick and me. And I wasn’t listening to that song for nearly two months now.

And…. i just can’t help myself. I feel so deeply sad. Because…. I think I needed two months to realize that….that I miss Nick. Not that I want him back. I just realize what have I done in true. In past months I was maybe just a little too socked. Somehow it didn’t truly come to my brains that….that it’s over.

And I am crying and crying and crying. and I don’t know what to do about it.

But please, don’t think that I will be sad forever. It’s sadness that comes….and leaves too.

I just need someone right now to hug me.

To tell me that it’s okay.



4 thoughts on “Please, just say that everything is okay

  1. Oops my last comment didnt show up, but basically I said that it is completely normal, and that you’ll get over it soon. But don’t try to forget it, because it will hurt you. Remember it as an awesome part of your life which has ended, and think that you are starting another one.

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