Bad mood

Summary of today’s thoughts

Hi folks ❤

Today was such a bad.mood day. Yeah. Wooohhooo.-_- Yay. -_-  At firs I didn’t wanted to wrote about that…. But I decided that i will.

Okay, sorry for this sarcasm…:P I steal feel so worried and stressed and I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. My most common thought of the day? Probably something like ‘Everything is misery -_-.’ Really……………………………………………………………………………………………..

I don’t know what to write, even if I am full of an ideas. Sounds weird, right? But it’s true. In my head, here are so many ideas, wonderful and amazing ideas for writing, but when I start writing them down it just doesn’t feels right. Like everything just one big lie. Because If I say now:’Hello I am happy to the moon an back and you guys, this is a lie. Because I don’t feel happy, not at all.
Well, actually I was happy today, I mean really happy on judo training. I can’t explain why. People around me, atmosphere… It was really one great training 🙂

At school it was just…………. Do I even need to say? When I came I nearly fell asleep at Physics and I was scared whole chemistry lesson, because our chem witch was in bad mood. I wrote Physics test 3. No comment. The only good thing was test from Slovene, I knew it all. 🙂

When I came home from judo training my head hurt and I felt HJFXDGHGFHGXHFDGFGGGRG(that probably means something like ‘horrible’ or ‘terrible’).

Than I was studying Biology, but everything went off my head in the second I read it.

Uhhhh, two more weeks. Than is over. At 13.6.2016 I finish whit all tests and grades. I swear, when I will come home that day I will scream and jump of happiness, I will write, read, I will sing, I will bake chocolate cake, I will burn my maths and chemistry tests at the garden……… I can’t wait to that moment. I want it more than a birthday, CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?????

So folks, sorry, SORRY, because of this depressing post, but I couldn’t wrote anything else… But yeah, as I said, IT WILL BE OVER SOON…..

Love from weird girl called Tara ❤ 🙂


12 thoughts on “Summary of today’s thoughts

  1. I understand. When it comes to the end of school, everything gets hard. Trust me. On the last two weeks, our class was like so pissed at each other because we have been together for WAY to long on a trip. I just wanted to go home or kill someone. That was it. That was all I wanted. I also wanted good grades as well, but those two things were my top priority.

    Despite all that, finish strong. Persevere. Make your brain work. Make your brain confident. Make your brain think about the freedom that comes in the end. When the end comes, you’ll feel glad that you have finished strong, and you will embrace your prize happily. Plus, you’ll burn your tests and other crap LOL

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