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Love yourself

Hi folks! ❤ 🙂

Yeah, I know, title of today’s post is the same as name of Justin Bieber’s song, but it doesn’t have anything to done whit him… No, I am not his fan… Whatever. Sorry because I wasn’t here yesterday, but you know… Biology…-_- Whatever.(again 😉 ) So, let’s begin.

Do you love yourself? Some people would say:’No, I am fat’. Some wold say: Yeah, my body is perfect and that’s why I love myself!’. I think that to answer on this question we need to look deep inside us. I think that you can only love yourself if you accept yourself. Whit all your feelings, crazy thoughts, flaws, mistakes, fears… Because that person, unperfect person is you.

I had problems whit all that in the past, because I am, as you know, HUGE perfectionist. My problem was that I wanted to be  perfect at EVERYTHING. Afcourse I never was because i wanted from myself impossible things. Things I couldn’t do. But I was keep doing it. Keep wanting and trying. Keep wanting to go whit my head trough the wall. And yes, the wall won. And I was disappointment. And i was angry. And sad. I thought that something is probably wrong whit me. But it wasn’t. I was just a human.

You see? I wanted something from myself that I couldn’t do. That was a mistake. I should accept myself like I was before. I didn’t. Than I had a choice: Would i do the same mistake and be angry on myself because of something I didn’t done or be more wise than I was before and accept myself whit that mistake and all others that I have done. And I chosen the right on. The wise one. I chosen to love myself.

We live on this world full of risks, mistakes, flaws and imperfection and our task is to learn how to survive whit that. How to live happily whit all that. It’s hard to do all that if you feel like you have done many mistakes. But if you love yourself it’s a lot of easier to be happy. Loving yourself is being happy in your own skin. And if you can be happy whit yourself you will quickly happy whit your life too.

Loving yourself made you a lot of stronger and prouder. It makes you trust yourself.

Lot of girls from my school haven’t ever had a boyfriend and they are all so ‘OHhhhhhh is sooooo wanna have a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!! But they only say that because they don’t know how is to have a boyfriend. If you ask me: Do you wanna have a boyfriend(again)? my answer would be NO. Right now I don’t need anyone  more than my family and friends to sand by my side. Don’t understand me wrong, it was great to be whit Nick. It’s just, that’s why I left him, right? Because deep inside myself I didn’t wanted to be loved I just wanted to be understood. When I fell in love whit Nick I was down. And… I just needed someone to understand my feels and problems not really someone who will kiss me and tell me that he loves me. And I needed to accept and love myself again.

That’s all philosophy. If you wanna be happy than be proud that you are who you are. So folks…Love yourselves, because you are all great 🙂 ❤




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