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Dark in all that brightness

Hi folks ❤

You won’t believe. Today we get our maths tests back. Not only that it is 4, I got 83% and it my best score in last two and half years!!!!!!! Yasssssss, I am so happy 🙂

I am happy, but I feel dark. I can’t explain it really. Not sark in sad or depressed way, I somehow feel…peaceful. Calm. Storm is outside and I am listening to this beautiful song and atmosphere is amazing. I love it.

Again, it’s unexplainable. Many people connect darkness whit sadness, I connect it whit peace. Why?

When I am in full action, I am burning, but you already know that. I am so… on fire. I am such a flame. I don’t know if I have told you before, but I learned to walk when I was 8 months old. Really, I am not lying. My mum often told me what happened when I was 1 year old in kindergarten. Other kids weren’t even all walking already. The woman who was taking care for kids, was counting our group. Than she discovered that one kid is not there. Tara. Guess where she found me? I was on the top of ONE meters and half high use on the playground for bigger and older kids. I climbed on the top.

That’s just my personality. Active, creative, bold. Never bored. Always doing something, even if takes risks. That’s probably why I have record in strange injuries(I am very unlucky whit sticks. I got one in eye and I was accidently stabbed by one in my hand. And I fallen in a lake in the winter. And into the sea on  the New year’s Eve. Ok, let’s talk about something else…-_-). Yeah, me. I can be wildly happy, I can be wildly sad… When I am doing something I do it whit all power that I have and a just go. And than I am 100% or 0% successful. I go on full or on nothing. That’s me.

All my life I was climbing on the trees, jumping over the stairs, running in all the ways you can think about. I am-always-doing-something. I am bright.

But you know us, people. Or better, human beings. We are sooo… Strange. And I am one of them as you all are(or is someone alien here? 😉 ).

Ans as I know, human has to swing. We are all ‘heaps of differences’ as Anne Frank said. We are so divided inside ourselves. We are so strange. I am so strange. Each of us is. I am on fire, but I love rain.

And sometimes I just need some of this darkness. Something opposite. Something to change. And it’s totally nothing wrong whit all that.




21 thoughts on “Dark in all that brightness

  1. I find the darkness peaceful, unless when I am in fear.
    Rain is love.
    Rain is life.
    Everyday I wait for rain.

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