Deep thoughts

What if?

Hello folks ๐Ÿ™‚


I was wondering.


What happens after? After you are gone? After…you die? I think that each of us was asking themselves that, am I right? It’s a question that every human thinks about. Will we ever get answer on that question? Probably no. No.

We are people and curiosity is in our nature. Everybody wants answers on questions…that are not questions at all. Just my opinion:’Are questions you cannot answer on really questions? They are one special kind of questions…

I just read something that gave me a lot of thinking. You know… I haven’t ever face a death of a loved one. A lot of people I know have and I just read a blog post that talked exactly about that. But…I do remember how it was when that nearly happened. When I was 10 years old one of my worst nightmares became reallity. I remember having music lesson together whit Tina we were walking down the stairs and we wanted to go home and than two girls from our class ran into us. One was crying and other was very pale. First girl was just crying and crying and crying and than other one said:’Ananya had a car crash.’

I remember this moment very well. I remember, how it crossed my mind. How it did come to my brain, but I…I just didn’t believe in what I heard. And I was just standing there, on the stairs, watching this two girls for one minute. And than… Than I realized what I heard. It was like someone stabbed my directly in my heart.

It was terrible. Because I knew that…that I might lose Ananya. My best friend.

Luckily, that didn’t happened. Luckily. Ananya is still here in my life, making it more funny. And it’s like that had never happened.

But what if.

And I am wondering. When you die…what happens. I heard that people who were really, really near death said that they were in somehow..tunnel. And that they saw the light. And that it was very beautiful.

And is there really a light? Is there really…something?

Or no? What if there s not anything at all? What if is there nothing? NOTHING. NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G..? Life often shown it’s horrible and cruel truth. And maybe there really is not anything.

Or it is? Or it isn’t?

I hope that it is. And I hope that it’s very beautiful.



6 thoughts on “What if?

  1. Your right. ^^
    What if there really is nothing else.
    What if when we die we just… vanish.
    But no one really knows.
    //Which is agony.
    So I guess we’ll soon find out when our moment in this life is gone.
    //Wondering almost makes me what to kill myself and find out that way LOL.

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  2. That’s always what I’m thinking. People believe you either go to heaven or hell or get reincarnated [which is SO COOL!] or go in the afterlife or wake up because you’re actually having a dream or you’re in a simulation of life.

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