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Don’t be worried before it happens

Hello my dearest folks!!! ❤ 🙂

How are you all? Lol, did you missed me?XD Because I did missed you, very much!!!

Today I am in very good mood, all things are great. I am tired, because I came back from competition in Split late, but I went to school and we had practice for debate competition and I really did great job. While I was debating I just let everything go, I was confident, I believed in my arguments and it was perfect. Really. Best debate ever 🙂 Well, if we are already talking about debate, I have to say that I probably lost sense for time! I can’t believe that Debate competition Scholar’s cup in Bangkok is only THREE DAYS AWAY, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper nervous and even more suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper excided, it’s gonna be my first time on a plane and I am also going to another continent. I still can’t believe it. That’s my prize for hard work whole year, I think 🙂 But, okay let’s return to what I wanted to talk about…


Do you remember when I was nervous and worried, because I thought that I would feel lonely on judo competition in Split? Well, i was wrong, Again. The whole thing was amazing. I was 5th out of 11 and I was kinda happy, because it was my firs competition in new category, even if my last fight really wasn’t good… I see success in that competition. In the end, Jess didn’t came on competition, but I was whit three older girls and they shown to be really fine. Okay, I know that they are fine before, but now I really look on them like on friends.

All the time we were joking, eating(nutella, chocolate, pizza, ice cream, muffins, popcorn…), laughing, swimming in the sea and just having great time. Some of best judo camps ever! I enjoyed it really, really, really much… I was a little panic on training, but that’s already normal to me, i am getting better and better at not-being-panic. Summary about everything? Awesome! Great! Cool! Amazing! …

What has that taught me? Don’t be worried before it happens. I will try to remember that and not be worried in next situation like that. Because this, this whole worrying is really unnecessary. It’s stupid, but we all do it. Our mind makes things look a lot of more creepy and bad as they are in true. Worrying make us afraid of something that it isn’t even so scary at all.

As you probably see I am doing, hm, really fine. And youuuuuuuuu folks? Do you already smell summer in the air…? 😉

Love from Tara ❤


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