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Being excited, feeling proud, thinking about future

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Yes, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, i just can’t believe only one night left to my fly to Bangkok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 As you can probably see, I am suuuuuper excided and I don’t know, here are sooooooo many thoughts in my head, even more than usually!!! I am kinda lost between being nervous, asking myself if I will do good on that deabte competition, being soooooo happy because one of my biggest dreams are becoming reality and still, I am wondering if all that is really happening or it is only a crazy and beautiful dream and I will just wake up in the morning and realize that it wasn’t truly happening……..

Okay, because of being in Suppppper-excided- Tara-mood I almost forget to tell you that…. Today was my last school day!!! Wooooho!!!! Summary about this school year?

It was hard. Okay it was really hard as you can see from my April, May and some of June posts. I was stressed, I was nervous, constantly feeling bad, my head hurt and my nails got really, really bitted to blood.That’s why I haven’t posted anything on Tara’s nails project, I am so sorry folks, but when I had time I forgot and than I didn’t had time and than I forgot again and it was only going round and round…

About my nails: They got really, really better. Right now I don’t have time to post picture of them, but I will, promise:)

Let’s return to summary of school year. It was hard, I had to study a lot, but I also think that I had learned a lot. I am happy and proud on grades I have Chem, Maths and Physic are 4, but I am totally happy whit that, because I know that I tried my best, and in the end that is what matters, right? My other grades are 5. 🙂

Ok, competitions. I failed on Slovene one, but I’ll try again next year. I was good in Biology and Geography and Astronomy and I plan to go on this competitions next year again. Also I am planning to go on History competition, beacuse History is kinda my fav subject and even if everybody sees me as one who is very good at Slovene I would say that I am even better at History. And I will go on Scholar’s cup, that debate competition again, afcourse 🙂

Those are my plans for competitions. It will be hard, but I think that they aren’t to high goals. Other goals? I will continue whit judo, chorus, drama club and blogging. And oh yes, reading. And the one most important thing of them all is that I will be positive. I know that next school year is gonna be tough again, but I will stay positive, like this year. I mean, I have felt sad and nervous, but in the end I always fond ‘the light’.

Right now, I am proud to get trough all that, not only school year. I am proud, because I haven’t gave up. I am proud, because I grown so much(not in height, I don’t have any cm more than last year -_-) as a person. I am proud because i have lean to be happy whit my past, because I accepted myself and because I know now that there, in this life, is no such thing as fate. There is only future. And we, we whit everything we have, everything we don’t have and everything we lost and fund again… We are it’s creators.

-Tara ❤


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