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Run away, far away

Hi folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, do I even need to say that it was awesome???? Probably no, right? It was amazing in sooo many ways really!!! People, food, culture…. I will probably write a post about Bangkok (including loads of pics for sure) tomorrow, because today I wanna write about something else. And it is about my trip.

I have told you for tousend times that one of my biggest wishes is to travel. And it happened. I actually went to Bangkok and this is sooo far, soo far away from my home. IT is on the other side of the world. You know, before that I didn’t really traveled a lot. I was in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia and Italy, but that’s kinda near my home country Slovenia. But now… I was in Asia. I was in Bangkok people!!!!

I get from this:

To this:

Big difference, right?I knew before this travel that…that we are going really far. And than I started doubting. Traveling was(and it still is) my dream. But the truth was…Did I even knew how is to travel? We are people, we were human beings and we are known as curious. We are all searching things we don’t have, we are afraid of things we unknown things and sometimes we wish to have things we don’t really know.


For example, look at some of my friends like Ananya and Tris. Right now it seems that their biggest goal in life is to get a boyfriend. And the thing is that they want boyfriend because they haven’t have boyfriend before and they wanna know how it’s like.

Next one? I always wanted to be The chosen one. But…would I still wanted that if I would actually be the chosen one whit magic, superpowers and other cool stuff. But if I’ll actually be the chosen one..would I still  wanted to hold whole world in my hands? I doubt in that. But I still want it.

Everybody is like that,  friends, family, people you see on the road and you don’t even know, me and you.  We are all like that. We are all scared or we wish to have things that are still unknown to us.

Soo, what has all that to do whit my traveling and dreaming and Bangkok? You see, I was dreaming about something I haven’t known yet so I was sometimes thinking that ‘what if I am dreaming about something I won’t like in reality’? What if traveling is not the thing for me?

Afcourse I was wrong. And Tara was again worrying before it happened. Gosh I am thinking toooooooo much. Nothing new.

And I am so happy because I was wrong. Because week in Bangkok was the best week in my life. No doubts. It felt so good to go and just be in that life that always was soooo far from mine. It was the prize for whole my working and trying in school year. After everything that happened, everything I lost, let go, find, discover and learn that travel was like remedy for sadness and crown to whole my happiness.

Because I felt so free. Because I was so far away from my life.

Last month of school I was writing about how I wanted to run away, far away. And I finally get that. I didn’t need to worry or remember. And when I woke up two days ago I felt sad, deeply sad. Because I just didn’t wanted to leave yet. I wanted to stay some weeks more. Because that traveling, that dream that came true was my escape from world I knew.

It was my long-waited run away.

Whit love ❤



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