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Accepting differences

Hello folks!

Today I wanna talk about something that really made me angry while ago. It was at last school’s days and we were having practice whit chorus for our last appearance  We were arguing whit our teacher what should we wear, because we thought that it will be to hot for dresses we normally have. She said that if we don’t wanna wear this dresses we have to wear something suitable.

Than she started to talk how today’s teens are wearing unsuitable clothes all the time which isn’t true. I mean it’s not okay if girls in 8 grade come in school whit t-shirts that really aren’t suitable. But our teacher wasn’t talking about that. She said that today’s fashion is unsuitable and etc., etc., etc. Than she started to argue about today’s music. She said that all music that people are listening to now isn’t music at all. For her only Beethoven and Mozart have the real music.

But okay, I know that she has her own taste for things and I don’t have anything against that. Why I didn’t liked all that she said? Because she actually said that what she doesn’t like is wrong. 

If someone says to me:’I don’t like Star wars’ or ‘I hate Percy Jackson’, I say ‘Well okay, everyone has his/hers own taste about things. What If I would said:’NOOOOOOOO YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!! That person would probably said back:’YOU ARE IDIOT!!!!’ And so would it go on and on….

Lots of people would say that lots of bad things happen because we are all different. But that isn’t truth at all. Things like fights happen because we don’t accept differences of other people.

To make world better we should…stop whit that right? But second thing….are we able to? As I said so many times that I am gonna probably die because of it one day we are not perfect no matter how much we wanna be. So will we ever be able to stop? Will one day on Earth everybody really accept other’s  needs and testes? And now, i am just sitting here and thinking what should I do about it.

Does all that make any sense to you? What’s your opinion about accepting differences? Tell me here if you agree or not and other stuff, you are welcome!



16 thoughts on “Accepting differences

  1. I agree. Everyones entilted to their own opinion but that doesn’t mean that people can put others down for it or push their opinion onto others who don’t agree. Society should be accepting, if it doesn’t harm anyone then let them be happy and themselves.

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  2. Yeah exactly! I think it’s all about accepting. Bad things happen when people don’t accept other people, which is so horrible because everyone has a right to think how they do!
    That was such a great post!

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  3. You are right. I was your age more than 60 years ago. With all experiences I’ve had in all these years, I’d still say you are right. Keep at it. Just try not to step in the way of others. I have a great hope in you. 🙂

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