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Summer goals

Wohhha folks!!! Our number is rising, we jumped on 194!!! Thank you!!! Let’s go on 200!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

Okay folks, it’s summer now and summer is time of adventures. I mean, whitout school life is a lot of more simple, isn’t it? Right now is time when we are actually kind of free. We can wake up at 11.00 am, if we want, we can eat pencakes whit Nutella for breakfast…. Awesome right???Β  However, summer holidays in Slovenia are here already 12 days and we still have something less than 2 months of freedom. Because of that, I would like to shar whit you my goals into this summer.

-Read a lot of books. Okay, I guess that this won’t be hard. I mean, does that need to be a goal??? Okay, whatever. I have to read Twillight, because I promised and because I actually don’t have any choice, because if I don’t Tina and Tris will probably kill me….Β  AndΒ  don’t wanna die only fourteen years old… Okay that’s not really the point anymore.

-Work on my novel. Other ways my head would explode. Actually I have everything, everything in my mind already and it’s good story(I guess?) I only have trouble whit names of my characters… Never mind. To write a book was my dream, since I was 8 years old. Why shouldn’t I live my dreams now? I know that I won’t really have time for writing it trough school year, so I’ll do one part of it now.

-Running…sometimes. As log as I am still home I can work on my running to, why not? Plus, I discovered that running brings calm in me and make me feel better. You know, in the en of the school year(stressful times-___-) when my head was hurting and I was angry(and i don’t remember why, just Angry-Tara mood, I guess) I went out and I was running and running and after that I felt awesome and I was i good mood for whole evening(what is really special because I am kinda always in bad mood during evenings and mornings). And yeah, I could a little keep my condition, because right now I don’t have judo, so… yeah.

-Just go and have adventure. I already was on one really big adventure in Bangkok, what was absolutely, definitely , surly the best adventure in my entire life. But,Β  I decided that that won’t be my last adventure in this summer, hehehehehehehe πŸ˜€ I was already outside a lot of times whit my bike… As long as I remember I always had a sense for adventures and I am kinda curious human being too.(I mean, I was climbing all around when I was only a baby, remember that story…? XD). Always when we sawΒ Mysterious little house in the forest or creepy cellar, I was like:’Uhhhhhuhhhhh, let’s go iiinnnnnnnnnn.’ And everybody was like:’It’s just a house(or cellar) Tara….-__-‘. So yeah. Adventures areΒ definitely a thing to go.

It hing that this is kind of it… I f I remember more, I’ll wrote it in comments. So yeah…? What about you folks? Did you(or are you planning to) have some great adventures this summer? Also, how’s your summer going? Do you have any summer goals? Share them here πŸ™‚

Whit love from Tara ❀


12 thoughts on “Summer goals

  1. I’m so excited for summer and some of our goals are really similar. I want to read and write more and I am planning an adventure to Greece with my mum during the summer!


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