My bulletproof shards

Hello folks<3

I’m home alone today so I can do whatever i want. Right? Right? Whatever. So I am watching Disney movies, eating some good food and having karaoke… Kinda nice day, we can say. SOOOO, I decided to write a poem(while watching football on Olympics, it’s final Germany VS Brazil)…

Poems really are one beautiful thing. aren’t they? I don’t know why, but I always find poems a lot of easier to write than normal blog posts. I have no idea why. Before I wrote my first poem here, I thought that I am like veeeeeeerry, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery bad at poems. Turns out that you always have to try šŸ™‚ Poems are just…beautiful. They don’t tell the whole story, just a little bit of it. They leave us in wondering about them for days sometimes. And that’s the whole charm of them. They all so full of secrets. And what is even better than read poems? It’s to write them. It’s kind of a game you are playing whit words, turning them around,Ā  making meaning of them.

Okay, enough about that. Today i will write a lot of different poem than ones i write normally. It’s a bit of longer and different structure than my other poems so… It’s kinda new thing for me so please read it and tell me what you think in comments.


some see me smiling bright as first drop of sunshine in the morning

some don’t see the demons living in my soul deep, deep down

What people want to see is different than the deadly true

ripping souls apart, ripping souls apart


some see my darkness in my depths

some offer my a place to hide, to live and be what I am

sometimes you have to cry suffer out of your mind

to make it powerless, to make it fade away


some see my tears going down my face that tell thousand stories

some see me cry, but they don’t hear my screams into their ears

and when I look at the night sky I think that they are more far away than stars

the ones I want the most, the ones I need the most


and I wanna change some things between some of us

and I fight for it and I do it whit all I have

but no matter what, my hart is ripped into pieces, into small, small pieces

like I’m made of glass


and I gave my shards into hands I loved so much as rain on the roof in the night

I trusted and hoped that they will gave it back

but they throw them, my shards, pieces of my heart

on the ground, on the ground, on the ground


and when this happened once I was sad, twice I was in pain

but in third time I fell down, broken into more and more pieces, over and over again

and while i was on the ground as just one of many shards I realized that, that…

that I shouldn’t let them brake me

not ever again


so I opened my eyes

so I stood up

looked into stars and thought that

my heart can be in pieces

but those pieces, my shards are bulletproof


-Tara whit love ā¤






7 thoughts on “My bulletproof shards

  1. Beautiful poem Tara! You know I started writing at age 16 with poems without poetry I never would have transitioned into writer of books and stories. I love poetry its easy for me and a way to be very creative. I don’t think there is anything as a bad poem they all are deep and can take away a message from them. I love Disney movies they help me when stressed or chick flicks they just are light hearted like Princess Diaries 1 and 2, Ella Enchanted Cinderella story movies and scooby doo and honey. I am watching horror movies right now. Cloverfield. I love horror too. Hope you are a having a good day!

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