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This life is worth living

Hello folks ❤

We could say that August wasn’t really my month of blogging. It really, really wasn’t. Vacations whit out laptop, two judo camps… It wasn’t my fault, really. My school starts next week and life will go around in the same circles as most of the year(again), but this means that I will be able to blog daily again. I’m back. 🙂

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So. You have probably noticed this optimistic title of my today’s post. And it will be optimistic. Last times I was kinda…pessimistic. Really. I am not like that normally. I have been in in one huge mess. I have cleaned it now. It was a big move, but I don’t regret anything… I have been confused about my feels, others and whole life. I wrote here that life is just a game. I have told you a lot about how bad things can be and that life and everything, everything we have, everything we had, everything we don’t have and everything we aren’t ever gonna get. And you know what…? Maybe this is true…..

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…but maybe this is not so terrible as it seems.

Sure bad things happen all the time. We can’t really change it. World is imperfect as you know and other blablabla. No matter how much we wish to change that… We are just not able. As long as we live, there will be fights, misunderstandings, jealousy and revenge. There will always be wars. There will always be deaths. There will always be diseases. There will always be sadness. There will always be heartbreaks. There will always be things that will be so near, but we won’t every be able to touch. There will always be things we loved so much, so hard, but in the end we lost them. It’s always gonna be like this.

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Even when me, you and everybody we know now die and all of us will slowly fade into oblivion, there will always be the same or familiar things happening in this existing, just to another people. In future there will still be bullied kids. There will still be this hard hard words making pressure on hearts on too young people. I am not telling you that only because I was bullied. I am telling you that because I know that I was just one of so many.

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But there are so many other things that I can’t really tell them all. There is depression. There are kids whit sick parents that are dying. There are parents whit sick kids. There are brain defects. There are people that are alone. There is depression and anxiety. There are this feels that grab you around your neck whit hard grip and don’t wanna let you go. Here are heartbreaks. Because of many things. Mostly because of people who leave. And here is rejection. It’s hard to be whit it. But you just are.

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But you know what folks…. There are so many bad things. There are so many things that can go wrong. Here are so many things that did go wrong. SO many things that will. But you see here are so many things that…that are so good. So beautiful. Just look at love. All that beauty you share whit your family, girlfriend or boyfriend, whit friends. Isn’t it amazing how someone care for you? How someone put’s it’s needs before yours? How someone offers you a hand when you fall on your butt?

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Try to see how connected can we be. How we shake hands when we meet. How we share secret words that haven’t ever been told aloud, but have been shown only whit a tiny smile? How we laugh in a group of friends while playing whit cards? How we love to hear this beautiful sounds, words and colors and create them?

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Also… Who will smell the rain falling from this huge thing called sky if not us? Who will eat chocolate cake(and pencakes and pizza and chocolate and orange juice and tea and and and….)? Who will travel around the Earth? Who will try to find all answers on all the questions? Who if not us?

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Because maybe this point we are seeking is not meant to have a point. Maybe this, this happiness and moments of beauty we share whit the world is what define our existence. I know people… Shit happens, right? But don’t ever give up. Here are also bright things.

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