Night blade II-poem

Okay two days  ago i wrote a poem called A Night Blade. It’s a long poem, but I feel like it’s not complete… yet. I wanna make it longer. I will again share whit you the first part again and than add next one… Let’s hear it 🙂



There was a dark dark night

and you were the only one to see it shine

you only saw me as your reflection

like a someone who will just be there

but this was your wrong move you stepped out of the road

I can forgive once

I can’t hold it forever

so I decided to be a night blade


I looked at you told you the words

you screamed gripped my hand

but I had enough I let it go

we lost our grip

I heard your screams

but again you didn’t saw my tears

but this time I did not cared

I was a night blade


days like years have passed

hours fill whit guilt but no sorrow

I heard you knocking on my door

but they didn’t flew open

as they used before

I saw your face and your eyes

but I turned away

I was a night blade


time went by

many hours many days

whit out you

you were my heartbeat

now you are my shadow

hiding away but always whit me

yes I am alone but happy

I am a night blade





when I first saw your face

I haven’t loved you yet

when I first heard your words

I already felt you

when I listened to what you said

I fell

but before I looked at your eyes

you already were a night blade


I felt that wildness

that happiness trough and trough

because of you

you smiled back what could I think

I fell and fell all over again

I haven’t seen the whole picture

but there was a whole other story

in which you were a night blade


I was waiting

but my love wasn’t breaking

I was rising like a new born sun

I played whit fire again

I knew that I can get burnt

I didn’t seem to care

I was brave I knew myself

but you were a night blade


Oh yes I got burnt but not hurt

I have so many scars already

there is no place for more

I didn’t let myself fall down

I haven’t lost myself and drown

I felt the pain but you know

all the wounds are not gonna be scars

even if you were a night blade

You are all welcome for opinions… I’ll be glad to hear them 🙂 Also, third part will probably come soon… 😀

See ya folks!




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