Night blade III-poem

Hiii folks 🙂

So I kind of have the first school day tomorrow… UGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! On the one side I am totally unhappy about it(think about meeting my chem witch again!), but on the other side I am happy to see my stupid schoolmates again. I will probably share whit you a post how am I feeling and what are my plans for next school year tomorrow, so get ready(just joking)! 🙂 However, before I investigate if my room is really really clean and that everything is on it’s place(just stupid everyday task of perfectionist) and than disapear into new book I am reading(daughter of smoke and bone, it’s sooo good!) I am gonna share whit you the last part, third part of my long, long, long poem Night blade. Please read it and give me some opinion on it because I really worked hard for it and I tried my best and I think that it’s pretty good(I’m kinda proud on it). I really had to look deep inside me to my most hidden emotions so… Whatever. 🙂



There was a dark dark night

and you were the only one to see it shine

you only saw me as your reflection

like a someone who will just be there

but this was your wrong move you stepped out of the road

I can forgive once

I can’t hold it forever

so I decided to be a night blade


I looked at you told you the words

you screamed gripped my hand

but I had enough I let it go

we lost our grip

I heard your screams

but again you didn’t saw my tears

but this time I did not cared

I was a night blade


days like years have passed

hours fill whit guilt but no sorrow

I heard you knocking on my door

but they didn’t flew open

as they used before

I saw your face and your eyes

but I turned away

I was a night blade


time went by

many hours many days

whit out you

you were my heartbeat

now you are my shadow

hiding away but always whit me

yes I am alone but happy

I am a night blade





when I first saw your face

I haven’t loved you yet

when I first heard your words

I already felt you

when I listened to what you said

I fell

but before I looked at your eyes

you already were a night blade


I felt that wildness

that happiness trough and trough

because of you

you smiled back what could I think

I fell and fell all over again

I haven’t seen the whole picture

but there was a whole other story

in which you were a night blade


I was waiting

but my love wasn’t breaking

I was rising like a new born sun

I played whit fire again

I knew that I can get burnt

I didn’t seem to care

I was brave I knew myself

but you were a night blade


Oh yes I got burnt but not hurt

I have so many scars already

there is no place for more

I didn’t let myself fall down

I haven’t lost myself and drown

I felt the pain but you know

all the wounds are not gonna be scars

even if you were a night blade





after all this happening

I didn’t stopped

I was running wild as always

but my run was blind this time

I didn’t saw the people

I didn’t saw the streets

I just saw me and you as a reflection

on this night blade


I tried to fix it

I wanted to do it all over again

I wanted to change the words in this story

delete all the memories

I was a pain for you

and I guess that everything comes back

because he was a this sadness to me then

and we are still night blades


and so on my friend

I finally stopped and opened my eyes

and I saw stars on the sky

and I knew that we are even more far apart

one ignored me one wanted attention

but for me it always was wrong

he looked away you in my eyes coldly

and at once we were all night blades


I saw I heard I drop a tear

but just one and little

and then I was running again

even if I cared cared so much

I looked at you both

you looked back to me

I smiled

forever we were  this night blades

but I smiled





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