Burning home

Hi folks 🙂 I wanna share another poem whit you today… Enjoy please. It’s long and..well different. I’ll be happy to get opinions XD.

look away, oh look away child

you don’t wanna see the end

play, play again

you know darling it’s not safe out there

it’ not your home


don’t go on, don’t go on

you have home in me

don’t seek away, don’t seek away

oh, don’t fail again

it won’t be your home again


you won’t stop child, you won’t?

you should rest on this stone by this lonely road

don’t go there don’t go there

my warnings are to late

it’ not meant to be the home


don’t go crazy child, don’t you dare

don’t you dare to think that you know

you are not wise, not so wise

you are young as a new born day

no, it’s not your home


Oh my child don’t go on

you will try but please don’t die

it’s not worth, it’s not worth

don’t complain

don’t dream again

don’t fly away again

it’s not your home there again


but she run

she played

she didn’t stop

but she was playing playing whit fire again

there were flames there were flames

there was her burning home

and in his arms her ashes










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