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Sword of reality

Hello folks 🙂

Universe…ah, played whit me again. And it’s the same old shit again you know… Disappointments. Aren’t they just the, just the…. the worst thing of…of all? I sometimes think so. They are always somewhere. You can’t hide from them. Not for forever.  They do always just come back. They are so… unescapable. Just when you think that you are over them they come again to destroy you.

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However. This happened a while ago, but I wasn’t into spilling it out, really. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why. So um. Do you remember when i told you that we are going to America on Yale University? Well we aren’t. Don’t get me wrong; We WERE good enough to go there. Our school didn’t allowed us to go. Because it’s dangerous, risky and of course expensive… And you know, I do understand all of that. But I am still disappointment. I mean who won’t be? We should of go to America. To New York.

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In life of every human here are a lot of disappointments. I have been disappointment many times. Many times. because I am perfectionist and it seems like perfectionists live in more disappointments… Because they expect more.  I expected to won on competition. I was second. I expected to find love, I didn’t. i expected to be good at everything. I wasn’t. This things…. They hurt me. But they didn’t brake me.

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I’ll get over it…. I will get over it. Over this missed chance. But right here I promise(I SWEAR ON THE RIVER STYX) that one day, someday in the future I will go there. Nothing, no one will stop me on my way. Not like this time. And isn’t it strange? I mean us, humans. We are strange. Things that get to us seem to just…speed us more up. We try again. And again. Even if we fall… We people really can be a terrible monsters. But I am proud on our…stubbornes, which is sometimes good. Very good. Many people are stubborn. And those people… We won’t quit. We will find another way. Another path.

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You see, this disappointments really are demons. They get under yours skin, deep and eat you from the inside…. If you give up to them. If you give up to despair. And I was so close. So so close. So now… I changed. Time did went by. So I feel it now like, like…my duty. To prepare people on them. To tell them about it. I hope you don’t mind… 🙂

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So I kind I have to go now, because I have stuff to do… Of course I will be glad to hear what do you think about disappointments and how do you deal whit them. See ya(and thank you for 295 followers 🙂 ).



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