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She knows what she wants

Hi folks πŸ™‚

At first….. Thank you!!!!!!! There is 300 of us now!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss, thankyouthnakyouthankyou so much. Anyways… This is not the only thing I am gonna talk about today…. Not at all. This day couldn’t be more right to tell what I have in my mind. As you can get from the title I am gonna talk about making decisions. Again. I know, but… I just feel like I have to. So today is half of a year since I broke up with Nick. And laving him was a hard decision, but a right decision.

When I was 11 I went to the hairdresser to ct my hair. Summary of my wanted new hair was, ah… Weird. And when I said what I want, the hairdresser and my mum looked at me like I suddenly changed into an alien(which I didn’t). But I didn’t changed my mind. So after the hairdresser done whit her job it looked just like I wanted. And it looked good. my mum and hairdresser looked at each other and my mum said:’She knows what she wants.’ And this was the the when I was still young and stupid and I thought:’Uh. Do I?’ It looked like I wasn’t sure so I remembered that sentence… To now. And after many years and many things happening I discovered that yes, I do know what I want.

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When I come to decisions… I won’t say that they are easy for me… Never were never gonna be. But if you know what you want… It do gets easier than. So… Why am I even talking about that? Because next year I am going to high school. And it’s hard to choose the school. A lot of kids, maybe most of kids already have plans where do they want and they are now only focusing to be good enough to get there. It wasn’t so with. I… I haven’t found myself anywhere to now.

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Last year I was like:’Ah, I should not worry. There is still so looooooong time till that…’ However this choose came very quickly. Ah I ma only fourteen and I already have so important choice to make. Because this is not like new hair cut… If you don’t like your hair you can cu tit more or wit for it to grow. But this is not like that. It’s a lot of though choice. Because… If you choose wrong school you can ruin your future and dream job… You can get somewhere where teacher are really horrible and kids are evil. Than suddenly your life is a living hell.

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But for me there are a lot of more things to worry about. I don’t live in capital city of Ljubljana, but in a town near so because I train judo in Ljubljana I have to choose something that is not to far away.

My parents are scientists. And like very good. Like a year ago… I would wanted to push myself somewhere where would be a lot of Biology, Chemistry… Because I didn’t wanted to be disappointment to my parents. But now I know that I wasn’t ever disappointment to them. They didn’t pushed and pressure about that on me. I was the one to do that. Chemistry, Physic, Maths… Sure, this things are important to know and I understand that. But the thing is that I love other things. I feel in love whit arts and languages. That’s why I am not going on school like. That. I would feel like an total outsider there. I would nor be happy.

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Than here we have sports high school. I am training judo five times a week and it’s simply an activity I put in the most of work and time. Because I am going to continue with judo in high school… It would be logical for me to go there. But i don’t want. Why? There would be only people who are all of sports. And yo see, I love sports and judo is very very big part of my life, but… I am not all of sports. I guess I would be an outsider there too….

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But in the end… I will chose correctly. Or so I hope. Or so I believe. Because I always make choices with my hear and with my heart. I think about logical things about it and about how would I and people around me feel about what I do. And yesterday…. it seemed like i have nearly chosen something. I won’t say for sure, I wanna see that school at first… But I am not so lost in all that which I am happy for. Because I know what I want.

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How did you chose your high school? Was it hard? Have you chosen right? Any opinion? If you wanna say something about this hard ‘choices’, speak up πŸ™‚ .



17 thoughts on “She knows what she wants

  1. First of all: Congrats on 300 followerrsssssπŸ˜€. Second of all: Don’t put so pressure on yourself about school. Luckily in Slovenia we don’t have so diffrent schools so don’t worry. You will choose right, you always did. You know you like laguages and art and writing so do that. Make world bound to you Tara. YOU CAN DO THESEπŸ˜ƒ (i could be motivational speaker😊)

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  2. Hi Tara!
    Well done for ur followers! That’s such a triumph!
    Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about ur school – it’s hard to make a bad decision. I chose my school because it was catholic and had a good character. My brother chose the school I had travelled away from and he loves it. I think most school’s r good schools, it just how u make them πŸ™‚ trust yourself to make the right decision πŸ™‚ you won’t know until u try πŸ™‚ xx

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  3. I don’t think there’s a “bad” school to go in (unless it’s dangeous). However, there are better choices than others. Just know that there are things that you might likely not be able to escape (like drugs, fights…), but it all depends on the friends you choose; on the choices you do. At the end, even if you go to a dirty school full of bad students, you can be a cycle breaker. You can stand up against all that and still be successful. High school isn’t one of the most important schools you’ll go to. It’s university. When you’ll get a job, no one will ever ask you wich high school you went to.

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