Hoping on words-poem

Hello folks 🙂 I must admit that I am…confused. Ah I hate being confused about things…. AGGGGGGGGGGGRRRHHHHH. How ever, I wrote a poem AND(you can’t believe) it even has some rhymes. Tell me your opinions, please, I’ll be so glad 🙂


Hoping on words



brand new words for her

right to her ears deep to her brain

smile on face

voices awake


written down black and white

she was like a bird in the flight

lost in a rise

forgotten in world


falling out into pieces

the words that were taken

and she was so shaken

she let it go



brand new eyes looking back

laughs and thoughts gripping hands

worlds together words apart

there will always be love


flight again

sudden tears

laughs again

but flying away


hoping on into stars

dream was gone so fast

it never was

it never will be



fire away

story ends

fight on the floor

friendship rises


word to word

all again

nothing stops

it goes wrong


there is smile

her laugh on his

fire in his hazel eyes




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