Deep thoughts


Hi folks

Currently, I am sitting by my table with laptop opened. I can hear the wind turning around leafs outside. For some time I just… Close my eyes. just sit there. Without…anything at all. Anyone. Alone. And I like it. It’s only me and crying day outside. Sounds of cars fade. Dogs get quiet and it seems like whole universe has just stopped and…listened.

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It was a beautiful knocking on my window, on a roof of the house. It’s rain. Rain. I somehow can’t explain what do rain means to me. It means a lot of things. It’s…Dark. And beautiful. Darkly beautiful.

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Rain is wildness. It falls from the heights…hurry, down and down and down. On the roofs. On the windows. On umbrellas. On out hands. It…never stops. It makes the sky so mad and full of beauty. Lightning across it. It shows you how  vulnerable you are.

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Rain is sadness. Not sadness, full of despair. Is this blue sadness I have talked about before. When you are a little sad… Without any reasons. Because you just are. It’s something deep deep down in you… That makes you so calm. And nostalgic.

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Rain is warmness. When you are just looking at it from the house and you are so near, but so far from it. And you know that if you wanted so you cold get out and be cold. And let the rain fall on your face and cover it with all it’s…notwarmness. But you don’t. You stay in and watch it. And you know how much fire is around you.

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Rain is peaceful. It’s knocking makes us feel full of this cold silence. Everything, everyone, all the things seem to be quiet, all in sudden. And than, there is nothing, nothing else than rain. Making silence colorful.

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Rain is metaphoric. You see… It just starts somewhere and it falls it falls it falls, it lives, for a long time, but than it come to the bottom. To our umbrellas. To our hands. To the roofs. It’s like every life. It’s like every human being. It’s like…. humanity.

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Rain is mysterious. It’s cold, but it sometimes makes us warm inside. It’s calming, full of peace, but it’s also hurry and wild. It makes us took umbrellas. And we are all hiding under them and our faces stay unseen. But than sometimes…Our eyes meet. And it’s like we all ask the same question.

Do you feel it too?


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