The Wait-Meet me without pain(poem)

Hi folks

I got sick on the Thursday’s evening but I am a lot of better now. 🙂 I decided to write next part of my loooooooooooooooong poem The Wait. I must say…. It was really hard to write it. I don’t know why, but I usually find it easy when I come to poems. I just put word to word and there it is in ten minutes. But not this one. It was… I don’t know. Different.

I wasn’t so confident about words. I had to think about them much more. And still… I always write from my heart. Poems too. I write from my personal experiences or(a little less recently) about things that didn’t happened to me, but did inspired me. A poem, a story I am telling you today is not mean for one certain event or message for one certain person. It’s created from a lot of more. From so many. I don’t really know why I wanted to tell you that… I guess that it other ways just doesn’t feel right.


Meet me without pain



turning away confident face

you have no idea who I used to be

you can’t see me you don’t see me

let it stay let it stay as it is


yes you heard my name you saw my fights

you think you know me  to the end of our lives

you are here you think you’re near but you are so far

I don’t wanna be just another scar


please don’t ever take the fault

blaming you will be just another sock

It’s one my willing choices

no not again I don’t wanna fall to depths


I am sorry but you won’t understand

what I felt what I feel who I was who I am

If I reveal myself we will fall into the deeps together

and in the end I will be alone again hiding in the darkest chamber


don’t wanna lose you not now not ever

I’ll wait

let the time heal my story

I’ll wait

let us grow

I’ll wait

want you to meet me without pain


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