Hi folks 🙂

So last week I promised to tell you more about where I was on sea. So… It’s a one really really special place. And when I say special… I mean really really really special… Okay, It’s actually a camp in Croatia, you know, country next to my home country Slovenia that has a lot of sea and kinda all Slovenians go there on summer holidays. However this my special place is on island Rab. And it’s a camp.

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When I was little I thought that it was in the middle of a desert. While we were driving with out car I only know that here is a lot of sand, a lot of strange little plants that you don’t see in my home country and that I am sick because there is not concrete road. However, it is not in the middle of the desert.(there are NO deserts in Croatia btw) 🙂 .

We finally parked our car you had to go trough forest of ‘strange little plants that you don’t see in my home country’. They are… long, straight and nearly black. They extend above you like you are walking trough bones of long dead giant (not-human) being. Or so I thought when I was little. Than you come to… my favorite place in the whole world.

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This camp is not like other camps, full of motor homes. There are none. There are just old tents smelling of magic and wooden houses that look like from fairy tales. There is giant tree with house on the top. There are swings so you can look sunset from them. There is the most white sand. This is a camp where people connect. They cook together. There are games in the evening. Books are shared. We have one big living room.

And it’s full of secrets. This place…it’s so mysterious and beautiful. Every time I am there I discover one new thing. Once I discovered odd and old stairs made of stone that are leading from the forest to small small beach with sand.

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But there is one thing why I love this place so much. Those are…memories. I have so beautiful memories on this place. My family all happy. Trips and pizzas in little old and beautiful town near. Friends. Singing in the sunset. Jumping into sea… And many other beautiful things.

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But the real reason behind this blog… Isn’t all that so strange? Yes, we like places for how they look and how beautiful they are, but we love them for what happened on them? And it’s the same if we turn things around, oh yes it is. Bad memories makes us never want to visit one place again, no matter how beautiful this place may be.


But the memories… The saddest thing about them is when they are happy and than suddenly one other memory change it…forever. And at once it’s all angry. Or sad. Sometimes I try to build walls around my happiest memories because I don’t want them to get…stained. Stained of footprints, leaved by events. People. Words. Looks. Acts. Lies. … … … ….

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I am so sorry. For…some things. For times when my walls around this memories did broke. But looking back, what could I even do? Back in time I was trying to hold some of this walls up… They died anyway.  And sometimes I fell down with them too.

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But… Now I know. This is life. This is all I have and no matter what I do, some things are just too big to change. Some walls will always fall… We cannot change this. All we can change is to not fall with them.



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