I just found some memories

Hello folks 🙂

Today here is a bit of special post. After a long time, here go again some of my ‘artworks’! I was cleaning up things under my bed and I found old map full of ‘artworks’ I have made in past tow years. I must say that they are interesting to me, especially when I tried to remember what I felt or why I have even made them…. Enjoy this weird things that I call artworks.


Okay, this is the first and the oldest artwork I have found. It’s around two years old and I don’t really remember why have I draw it. I remember that I draw it once after my school finished and I guess that I was just bored 🙂 Anyway, the odd thing about it is that girl on picture has tattoo of letter ‘S’ and I have no idea what I meant with that.
This one is also around two years old. It represents back of a girl. But this isn’t just ‘one girl’ it’s one of beings that I created and she is still living in a fantasy world of mine. She is also a character from my working-on novel.
This was made around first of May in 2015. I remember that because I created it in hospital when I had my eye injury. I remember how I was drawing it with my right hand and there was infusion in my left hand… Agh. Painful memories about this picture, but this is probably why it seem to be important to me. It represents a girl and her world. There is pink and red, representing her happy personality and positive memories, the black things are representing her painful secrets  and negative emotions. Around are words that are constant thoughts in her mind.
This is another artwork from hospital. I really enjoyed making it even if nurse wasn’t really happy with colorful table I accidently made 😀
This creation represents another person fro my mind. It was planned to be in my novel, but in the end I changed her looks and a little bit of personality. It stayed unfinished. It was made around one and a half year ago. I felt so alone those times and I wanted to draw her to make her more than just a smudge in my mind. Also I remember that I felt great while covering her hair with pink color 🙂
Okay. This is an artwork I really did awake strong emotions in me. It represents me beginning of facing my anxiety. Summer said to me that November night in 2015 that changed everything… That I should express my feelings trough drawing(and this is the time when she said that I should start a blog). This is the first artwork I made in this way. I united my power over words and colors and I made this. It’s not pretty at all, but it wasn’t ever meant to be. If you are wandering, words are in Slovene language of my home country and I will explain some of them to you now:

Sovražim:I hate.

Jeza: Anger

Obup: Despair

Ljubezen: Love

Zrak: Air

Slava: Fame

Ogenj: Fire

Pogum: Bravery

Beži: Run

Žalost: Sadness

Ne: No

Upanje: Hope. I think that I have wrote this word with black and in a big way, above all others to bee seen, because the most important thing for me that time was hope. I knew that I am pretty down and that the only thing that can help me is hope. Hope that things will turn on better.

This was made on judo competition and I have very happy memories on it because I won not only in my category, I was given a cup for the best female athlete on competition 🙂 So yea, happy times
This is the last one and probably my favorite of them all. It’s a girl that is mix of me and another person from my own world. I used calm colors to make this artwork seeming peaceful. I like how it looks like now, with closed eyes and calmed face, even if there are messed stripes representing chaos.

This is it! Comment below to tell me witch of these do you like the most or you can relate to… All opinions are welcome! See ya folks 🙂


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