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Touching stars

Hello folks

Imagine. Sometimes we are all holding somethings too much. Sometimes we all to see things that are just so…unreal. We want to touch the brightest star on the sky and we think that there is some way to… make it touchable. Sometimes we found things untouchable…not because we are to short. Sometime those things are too short.

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For us it’s important to know that…. There were times when there wasn’t anyone to tell me that. There were time when I was constantly thinking that I am to short to touch that damn star. And it’s not a good thing to feel. Surrounded by faces, by people you don’t know and they are all looking at you weirdly. There are thoughts, so many thought coming out from their eyes even if their faces are so…blank. There is a place fulled with so many things I haven’t ever knew behind their masks. And yes, I haven’t saw it at all… I saw just a little pieces of it. Is it strange to believe that our eyes…are the only ever seen part of our mind? You see…it does make sense. Even if our faces are blank…our eyes speak the true story. Some are warmly hazel filed with secret joy. Some are deep blue, wise and sometimes sad… Some are like forests. you sometimes think that there are thousand stories hidden behind their trees. Some are like rivers. In one way cold in next so filled with energy. And many others….

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But sometimes our eyes speak filled with…bad things. And sometimes they are so mean, so cold that they stab us. And for first time we act like we don’t care. But they do it on and on, again and again. And sometimes they stab us trough and trough. And…it’s so hard. Because you start thinking about yourself as a fool. As a stupid. As a ugly. As a disable. As a disappointment. As a…not enough.

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Now. After you have read this…do you ever feel like that? And if you do, don’t be afraid of it. Don’t throw it away like it’s not there. Listen. It’s not you who is not good enough. Don’t see people who don’t deserve it as untouchable stars. Because it’s time for you to be that star. And when you are able to make yourself a star…reaching it will be a lot of easier.

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I have made some people stars and I putted them on my sky. And ones are there, with me. And for this ones I am so happy that I have put them there. But I did made mistakes. Yes… I do sometimes fall on my way, because human legs aren’t always stable. And I did made some wrong people for my stars. Did you too? If so… Let them go. Let them fly away with the wind, let them reach the distance and don’t let them come back.

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Yes we do hold somethings, and because of that we always need to be ready to let this wrong somethings go. This is not being mean. This means that you are brave. It’s like opening our hand and letting thousand and thousands of birds go and go and go. And never return. And I know that because you have let go this birds you loved so much…that you will be scared. You will be worried about them to…crash down. And maybe there will be time when you will feel guilt about that. But than realize that you shouldn’t.

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If you were ready to let go, don’t feel guilt about it. You had a reason to let go.


*all pictures are taken from tumblr


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