Hello folks πŸ™‚

Today here is again a poem, I tried my best to add rhymes! It’s kinda short poem, but why shouldn’t that be okay?!?! As always….opinions welcome, blabalbala. Enjoy. πŸ˜€



sometimes I’m like a ghost

fearing you the most

trying to go further

but still I’m not a starter


sometimes I want to throw it all away

like yesterday will never be today

covering up my fading scars

pretending that in your eyes I don’t see stars


sometimes I so want to hate you

but why would i ever want a lie new

I want our lines never to cross

but still I don’t want you to get lost


sometimes I wanna cut our life

but i don’t seem to have a knife

I’m trying to forget on all the new

’cause I’m in love with you



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