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Hello folks πŸ™‚

You know that when I was younger I was a bit of lonely kid. Well this was as long as Ananya suddenly didn’t came in my life. I remember some things so clearly, even if I was only four years old back than. I remember how doors of our room in kindergarten suddenly opened and there she was. She was and she was and she was Ananya… She was new, because she an her mum moved from other side of our country. At first she was so scared. I remember her standing there… She had candies and all kids just grabbed them, without looking at her and quickly went away. But i garbed her hand(and a candy too, of course), and this is how everything started and everything ended. My lonely times were over. And our friendship began. And it’s still here.

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Summer was training judo with me for quite some time, but this is when we didn’t know each other yet. We meet later on. We meet on this old November evening and later on. And the reasons we meet maybe are not so bright, but a friendship was born from them and this is what matters. Because we weren’t so alone anymore. And because we both realized some things. Because we understand each other.

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We also plan on traveling together someday, because we are both kinda in love with adventures and seeing new things. We also have this thing inside our heads that sometimes just wants us to run, to…leave. Don’t we? πŸ™‚

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Sometimes we have a good friendships, but they grow apart anyway. So it goes for me and Johann. And some others. We were friends and we trusted each other, we lived with each other. But there come times when some things in us or in our lives change so much that we can do nothing to stop it. Sometimes we just start a distance that is not in miles.

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Sometimes we love people and they just don’t feel the same. It did happened to me and it do hurts. And…sometimes you can love and love and you don’t get anything back and it’s not anybody’s fault. It’s not always fault of this person for not loving you back. And it’s not your fault also. It doesn’t mean that you are not enough for them.Β  Sometimes we just take different paths.

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But. All things don’t always have happily ever afters. Some do,some don’t.Β  It’s true, sometimes some stories stay unfinished. But they all leave something. Even an ending can over a long time be a new beginning. For someone, to give them wisdom. For somethings to inspire on.



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