Because it matters!

Because it matters-let’s make mental illness less invisible

Hello people

This post is very important so please, read it to it’s end and than decide what to do.

It’s been a while since I had idea about helping project. I did it, but it was only a idea and I wasn’t even confident about it, so I am doing it today again, with a lot of more courage. If you don’t believe that you are going to do something, you are never gonna do it, and so my idea just stayed an idea and didn’t become a reality.

  • Anxiety & Panic Disorders

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • …..

I have suffered with anxiety. I was having panic attacks, I was feeling very sad and trapped inside myself and I just didn’t know what to do with all the anger and fear I had inside me.

Before this happening to me I didn’t know much about anxiety, depression and some other disorders. But once you live there and you know how it feels like, you just don’t want anyone to feel like you did.

In everyday life we don’t hear much about anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. People just don’t know much about it so they may times connect(for example) depression with ‘pitying yourself’, but if you ever hear someone say that, don’t believe them, it’s not true. Depression is illness.

You also need to know that for all mental illnesses, cause is not flaw in character or weakness of a person. Scientist are still researching mental illness and it’s getting clear that one of causes are usually stress and big changes in brain.

 If you are dealing with any of this disorders, make sure to not be alone in it, always talk to our loved ones and you’ll get help. Do you have any experiences with mental illness? Would you like to share your, your friend’s, family member’s story or just thought on all that?

The reason why I am writing this is clear; I want to make more people aware of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. Did you know that 1 in 12 teens is self harming him/herself? Maybe we can change something with knowing this illnesses. If you are reading this and agree to what I have wrote above, reblog this post and share my idea across blogosphere to make it real.

Add your story, it doesn’t matter how old you are!(you can always link it to my blog, I will be happy to read it and help). And maybe we together really can change something. Because it do matters!


Thank you.



47 thoughts on “Because it matters-let’s make mental illness less invisible

  1. Mental Illness and behavior disorders are very real. I too suffer from anxiety and depression and have done so for many years but I only sought help after I attempted suicide. The vote on bi-polar disorder is still pending but early poll indications favor yea instead of nay. I am also an alcoholic so I have a difficult time most of the time.

    Tara I think your idea is a good one and I am glad you are seeking help at such an early age. I am old enough to be a grandmother or maybe even a great grandmother and I’ve only been seeking help for the past three years.

    Keep working on your project and good luck. Your friend and fellow blogger….~~dru~~

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  2. Reblogged this on Eva with n and commented:
    This is a post of my friend Tara.
    She is such a good writer and I still can’t believe how far she came:).
    My story isn’t like her’s.
    I don’t even know my brains but sometimes I get this urge to just leave, but it’s just not so… I don’t know, usual I guess. But for me leaving don’t mean just going on a train. Sometimes I just think to myself: What if I wouldn’t live anymore. What would my friends think of me if I would take a knife and just go.

    Don’t wory guys, I’m not going to go anywhere, it’s just my dark side getting a bit over my usuall happy side:).

    But seriously tho, mentall illnes is somethink that we should all be more aware of so please check it out and share it:).

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  3. You’re so right, Tara, mental illnesses are a huge matter. I might have social anxiety and depression, so I care a lot about those who suffer. I’m currently writing a novel where the main characters have social anxiety and depression. My goal is to let people know that mental illnesses are real; they’re not something that people create for attention.


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    1. Hey if you don’t mind(and I’m sorry for being so annoying) would you help this project and share it? Because it would mean a lot to let many many people know 🙂 Again, sorry for being annoying about all that, I just think that’s important 🙂


  4. I don’t have a story to share but I do admire your openness and honesty and truly believe that the more people can share, the less of a stigma mental illness will become. I see so many kids suffering every day and it’s only exasperated by people not understanding and worryingly putting it down to ‘attention seeking.’ It’s great to see others willing to share to let these kids know that they’re not alone.

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  6. Reblogged this on anotakugirlsworld and commented:
    I too have and still suffer from anxiety and depression. It was getting very bad. I had suicidal thoughts and almost attempted it! thank goodness I talked with my older brother who helped me before it was too late. Depression and all these other mental disorders are terrible.

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  7. Reblogged this on All Things Steph and commented:
    I love what she is doing here, spreading mental health awareness. This is a subject I hold dear to my heart.. My mother suffers from Bipolar & depression, as well as both my father & sister have high anxiety. My sister also suffers from A.D.H.D. & O.C.D. I want to encourage those who are suffering to reach out & know that you are not alone!

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  8. Reblogged this on Getting to Know Chuck Jackson and commented:
    Those who know me are aware I suffered for years with depression. I have not totally conquered depression; I do not think you totally do. I agree you cannot fight depression or any mental illness alone. You do not have to suffer; there is help available for the asking. GET HELP

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  9. Hi Tara, first thing first, thank you for the follow. I read your story about sadness and you finally shared with your friends and they helped you. That’s a wonderful story. I like that you channel you energy in arts. Did you paint the picture or a drawing? How was it done? It’s beautiful. I take watercolor. I hope to see more of your art work. You may have them in other posts. I’m following you so I’ll get your new posts, but I’ll come back to read some more. 🙂

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  10. Great post. I blog about mental and physical illness and the stigma attached to mental illnesses. The sole purpose of my blog is to educate and to inspire, and to even save of life, of which I have already done, here, a few times. This is a great community to be speaking out about mental illness. I just wrote a post about depression, yesterday. Another point I try to get across is that there is nothing to be ashamed of for having a mental illness (es). It’s no different than having a problem with any other organ in our body; heart, lungs, etc. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re having a good day. Peace out! 🙂

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  11. I’m 37 years old female, I’m in my third marriage and we have one child, I am still in process or being diagnosed finally, doctor’s think I’m Bipolar. It can be a real struggle to deal with stress, it’s harder if you have mental illness, then even small stress levels can make you feel like the worlds crashing down. I use my art/craft to help me deal with my illness along with the meds the dr put me on, I am slowly blogging about how art/craft helps me and about my symptoms… I feel real happy when I find blogs/websites like yours, it’s great to see some people really trying to make a difference. I wrote an ebook about how I use my Art/Craft to help myself with the symptoms but have no idea how to get anyone to read it, I’d love to be able to try to help others if possible!

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