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Not so dramatic post

Hello folks ❤

I just opened my blog and what I saw socked me very much, but in a positive way. Dear people…I just got 400 followers! Yaaaay, thank you soooo much,  we are almost on a half to 1k! 😀

Today I feel happy. Not happy in any special or weird way… I’m just happy. I was studying Biology(what was not the best part of the day, no no), and I am kind tired because of it, so I stopped and decided to do something more fun. I feel kinda lazy about the fact that tomorrow is Monday, but hey, it’s probably gonna be a great day filled with many weird and interesting things… I realized that I always hate Mondays on Sunday evenings, but next day I actually like them.

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On one hand I feel so warm. You know that feeling when you are writing blog on your bed in a cool red jumper and there are lights and good smelling candles around you and you just drank hot tea with honey(HECK TARA YOU ARE ACTING LIKE IT’S CHRISTMAS, OMG). Talking about Christmas, I wanna have it now and I want winter and snow and skiing and snow fights and igloos(TARA PLEASE…-_- Fall just started…). But this is not the only warmness I mean.

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However on other hand I am pretty nervous. Few days ago(when? I don’t remember) I told you that I kinda like one boy(yes again and I sometimes SO HATE IT) and I when I keep telling myself that it’s just a crush, more and more my life laughs at me. Also I don’t know how my friends will react(will thy laugh? nooooooo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). I mean, of course they will not be angry or something(lol), but I am still pretty nervous if you get what you mean. In the end I decided to only let Summer know about this BECAUSE IF ANYONE ELSE HEARS I’LL DIE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, I WILL EXPLODE AND JUST DIE(okay Tara, calm down, calm down). But really, I am nervous…I hope you understand this strange feels, haha.

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To get to more ‘normal’ things… I changed my header image and some colors of my blog, but change is not so big, go check out and tell me what you think 🙂 It won’t be there forever, I decided to sometimes have this and than change it back to my red one when I get bored.

Also, I learned some songs to sing with help of karaoke, hahah. In September I learned ‘Not about angels’ by Birdy(wonderful song from TIFOS) and also from Birdy, ‘Skinny love’. Later on I focused on Demi Lovato’s ‘Warrior’ and oh gosh, how beautiful and touching this song is! Now I am working on Demi’s ‘In Case’. Yup, i love to sing, really much and if you have any ideas of what I could sing next, just tell me!(ps: I get along better with high notes than low ones :P)

And what have you been doing today? 🙂 See ya folks ❤



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