Chocolate heals

Hello folks πŸ™‚

So today I had to wake up at 6am, because we had a kind of ‘science day’ in school. We were learning about microbiology(ad I was so proud, because I know a lot, because my dad is dr. of microbiology, lol). However it was pretty interesting, but I was sleepy what wasn’t the best part.

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Anyway, everything suddenly turned on worse when our Biology teacher came to us and told us that Biology class is off tomorrow. That would be exciting news in normal days, BUT the teacher should of ask me Biology for a mark and I was studying for one week and now she will ask me ANOTHER WEEK. I mean, come on! Really? COULDN’T YOU SAY THAT BEFORE MISS TEACHER?

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Haha, just kidding, I won’t throw chair in her face because I would get expelled

Okay, as you probably can imagine, I was totally pissed off and I was looking into her with eyes filled with madness anger and fire, but she pretended that she doesn’t sees me(classic-_-). Than I wanted to go on lunch but there was 500 meter long low of 6-years olds from first grade, so I given up. Than I already had chorus and we were learning totally boring song. Than it was to late for me to go on lunch already, and I suddenly lost my notes for Biology so I became even more pissed off(if you can imagine that). I just went out of the school.

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BUT than I decided that I won’t be angry and in bad mood and that THIS IS NOT GONNA BE A BAD DAY, because of one stupid teacher and one stupid book of notes and because I didn’t ate lunch, SO I WENT TO SHOP, hah. And I only bought one and only thing. Chocolate.

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Here is my point of WHEN we all should eat chocolate:

-When your teacher(pr boss) acts even more stupid than normal

-When you feel confused about your love

-When you have CHEMISTRY

-When you have competitions

-When your fav book character dies

-When you just sang(or listened to) really heart breaking song

-When your siblings eat all the pancakes(or cake or whatever else is good to you)

-And in any other situation when you are lost, sad, stressed or you just don’t feel good


If you have allergy onΒ  chocolate, than I suggest you to find one other food that makes you feel better(I’m thinking of you Jess). In other ways… I am not telling you this because it’ so so true. I mean this is not another thing that some people said and it wasn’t even true. Chocolate really do cheers me up. When I broke up with my boyfriend I at first had hot chocolate and than I ate muffins(with chocolate, of course).

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I can’t really explain it, but it somehow makes me feel so warm. So safe. When we go skiing, my mum always buys us the same type of chocolate to make us warm in coldness and snow around us. I took that as a metaphor, so when I feel like everything from outside is making me feel cold inside andΒ  ate chocolate and I am more warm. Good to have metaphors, sometimes.

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I hope that you enjoyed this a little bit different post(do you like that kinds of posts) about chocolate and I’ll be glad to know what you think about it. Do you also ate it when you are in bad mood? And…do you know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? Bye, and have a nice time, everyone! Now go and eat some chocolate!



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